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15, Professional Lua programmer, Sophomore in High School, and the king of euphoric hats.

I push the creative boundaries of Roblox, even if it means making your computer cry.

I'm no longer allowing people to message me on roblox since I don't read 99% of the messages I get (I usually just mark them as read)
The best way to get in contact with me is to tweet me @CloneTroper1019
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Active Places

Murder v1.72

Visited 1,256,306 times (34,893 last week)
Murder v1.72
The Stalker: Classic (FIXED)

Visited 4,007,018 times (16,824 last week)
The Stalker: Classic (FIXED)
An early version of The Stalker 2 is approaching very soon.

Visited 953,636 times (5,702 last week)

Visited 1,160,948 times (5,257 last week)
I closed this game because: * It's extremely old and unmaintained * I'm making little to no profit off of it. * I keep getting complaints about problems I'm not interested in fixing. * There are better games like Lion's BloxHunt * I've lost motivation for PropHunt 2. * Im focusing on Murder & The Stalker 2 * The item system is unbalanced * The maps are poor * Prop movement is glitchy and confusing * This game just felt like an embarrassing show case of what I make, and the game is too old for me to fix. * Hardly anyone plays it anymore. This game will return in an improved state when I port it into Murder's RoSource engine. I can't confirm when or if I'll ever do it, but you can expect the game to return in some shape or form one day.

Visited 623,963 times (744 last week)
A classic game of mine. Planning to port into the rosource engine soon :P
AWP Arena

Visited 24,339 times (227 last week)
AWP Arena
Welcome! This game is a slightly modern remake of clockwork's 2007 game "classic_awp_map" Its a rather simple game, but its fun otherwise.
Gear World

Visited 16,993 times (95 last week)
Gear World
This map is a modification of a template map. I removed the template stuff, made it a bit darker and added dynamic lighting. Test some gears here if you want :P
Trouble in Wonderland

Visited 4,396 times (89 last week)
Trouble in Wonderland
Never got finished due to time limits. We might try coming back to this next Christmas. Don't expect much playability for now. Credits: CloneTrooper1019: Lead Programmer TechTeam911: Weapon Programmer mechawaffle: Game Artist iBarragei: Character Artist finwei: Lead Builder Quenty: Lead Builder/ Effects Programmer leates: Scenery Builder dom2d2: Video Thumbnail/Additional Builder
Mysterious Testing Grounds.

Visited 9,353 times (214 last week)
Mysterious Testing Grounds.
I made random things here when I'm bored. Check it out if you want :P
B-Cubed (Fixed) [ Original ]

Visited 119,184 times (675 last week)
B-Cubed (Fixed) [ Original ]
All credit goes to the original creators of this game from the coolmath games website who gave me the idea for recreating this. Slide the cube using the WASD keys. Your goal is to pass over every single square on your way to the red square.
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