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Dear United Kingdom.

I have been a member of the UK for almost a year, and in that length of time I have had three jobs. BAF, police and MI5.
I know want you're thinking, "YES, HE'S LEAVING FINALLY". Don't blame me for doing the right thing, for trying to stop corruption.
I have resigned as I feel that I have served full time in the UK, as the head of the MI5 security service for three months, but the UK was heading to corruption. Terrorists flowing through important ranks is not right.

I would like to deeply thank everyone in MI5 for being amazing.

I would like to tell BAF that the majority of you are corrupted morons, and Pieman863, you deserve nothing. Pretend you're bullied but you really bully others.

My request is that SouthSeaGibbo takes over, he deserves it.
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