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Hellos roblox, im bond00179 the original creator of the starwars game: Become a Jedi, Sith, Droid or Clone. The reason I gave it away is because i was to lazy to keep working on it. So im a very friendly person. Im not very good at scripting yet. And i accept all friend requests.
Heres the link to the starwars game:

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the starwars game is here: _________________________________________ Colonize the planets. Live at peace or at war. (Im remaking the game so its better than the old one. I might take some time.)_________________________________________ VIP: _________________________________________ If your Vip, dont abuse. I need some suggestions for some things i still need to add on vip so if you have any ill check it out. _________________________________________ Say regen to regen bricks. kick player script added. PM me for any bugs. Have fun


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