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Okay so... I'll be frank.

I'm Skye. I'm really nice and funny. I love reading and writing... anything. I have brown hair and blue-ish gray-ish eyes. I'm tall but mostly everyone in my school is taller... so I seem short.

Unlike all the the mendacious people on here, words do affect me. If you are rude to me I will be having the urge to murder you.

I've no idea why I wasted money on this game. I was so silly.

Happy Spring break! (3/24/2014)
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Welcome to my profile!

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Welcome to my profile!
All decals made by me. My (indoor) pets. <3 CHUBBLES... the hamster ROMAN... the dog MOJO... the other dog TINKERBELLE... the other other dog JAZZY... the kitten

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"Art" Gallery

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&quot;Art&quot; Gallery
Basically all the weird decals I've made. :D


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B.A. Bunny
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Noob Locator Top Hat
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Sk12r Boi
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Reindeer Cap
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Christmas Tie
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Disco Santa
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Penguin Advisor
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