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"I'm the General, and I was here to have fun."
me: STEAM- "RetroHour" MC- "CommanderTL"
X B O X Live: "RetroHour"

If this gets deleted AGAIN, I may not put it back up.


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Ancient Domain (A.D.) clan members.
Destiny Expedition
Doctor Who Fans
General Society
GTL Studios
mTechnical Industries
S.G-Universe :Fan Club:
Science Fiction
The Gatebuilders
The Lucian Alliance
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Active Places

Time Lord Architecture - Gallifreyan HQ

Visited 486 times (1 last week)
Time Lord Architecture - Gallifreyan HQ
I'm building Time Lord pieces of architecture that will turn into a full blown TimeLord HQ. And yes, I know I have been trying to make an HQ for like the past 5 years. (I blame college, lol)
Price: 100
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Stargate Universe - Destiny Interior

Visited 244 times (0 last week)
Stargate Universe - Destiny Interior
Currently Building.


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