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▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐████████▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐██████████████▐▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐████████████████▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐██████████████████▐▐▐▐ ▐▐██▐███▐▐████████████████████▐▐▐ ▐▐█████▐▐▐██▐▐▐▐████████▐▐▐▐██▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐███▐▐▐███▐▐▐▐▐████▐▐▐▐▐███▐▐▐ ▐▐▐█████▐▐▐███▐▐▐▐████▐▐▐▐███▐▐▐▐ ▐▐██████▐▐▐▐█████▐████▐█████▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐████▐▐▐▐▐▐██████████████▐▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐██▐▐▐▐▐▐████████████▐▐▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐███▐▐▐▐▐▐▐████████▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐▐███▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐███▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐███████▐███████▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐████████████████▐▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐▐████████▐███▐▐▐▐▐▐ I asked Jesus, "How much do you love me," and He said, "This much," and He stretched out His arm and died on the cross for me.
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Christians Forever
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The   Continental  Army
The  Senate and People of Rome
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The Cival War With Hiden Armory *READ DESK*

Visited 5 times (0 last week)
The Cival War With Hiden Armory *READ DESK*
its the cival war and there will be guns from that war at your spawn in the village the armory has random guns so im not sure LOL this is a clue wher the armory is so fight and look for it and then u should adventualy find it so happy man hunting
The Ultimate Obby

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The Ultimate Obby
prepare o get your mindes blown
Four Courners

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Four Courners
time to bring it back in 2013 nobody made one for a while here we go again
Noble Bloxxers Training place

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Noble Bloxxers Training place
this is noble bloxxers ready for action but first we got to train
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