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I never get famous.
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ROBLOX Battle -- Private server[Points closed.]

Visited 2,544 times (5 last week)
ROBLOX Battle -- Private server[Points closed.]
Points added, but not functinal yet. Updates 4/12/2014 The "what's new" and "how to play" sign is removed, why read a outdated sign? NEW ENGINE : The source has been fully rewroten, this will allow me to add more stuff in future! Added new map. Go ingame and see it! Fixed Administrator ranks. Added wipe stats button, admins only. New bansystem, if you break any rule there will be better bans now. All users have been unbanned from the old one. Fixes 3/10/2014-3/25/2014 Finally fixed coin bug, it has been nerfed to 1x. 5 slot vote pads, will now choose something else. Sound bug, has again been fixed, now it should be more stable. Information. Who are the staff members? Answer : EnergyCell, noob7059439, Frogs7798, xBatNightz, potato12344. Why does staff members have diffrent icons? Anwser : There are more ranks, there are moderators (mod) , Gamemasters (GM), and Admins. These icons can tell in which one they are. How can i be unbanned? PM EnergyCell, noone els
JokIdz - New server [See it here]

Visited 1 times (0 last week)
JokIdz - New server [See it here]
Not yet finished, but a procress. 4/14/2014 [12:53] Made a script for the maindoor, which closes itself after 5 seconds. 4/14/2014 [15:15-15:56] Made a button for all doors. Garage door haves 10 seconds, for any cars. Time toggle added. (24 minute day) Light toggle added (Now only for MainLight) 4/14/2014 [16:01] Fixed a really stupid mistake with CanGoThough
Buildz : Lobby

Visited 15 times (15 last week)
Buildz : Lobby
This is not just a place, you can create your own here! You can even invite other players to your personal place by giving them the ID! How to join games? If you have the place ID, goto the day/night lobby and enter the ID into the gui. How to create games? Walk to the sign with a button under it, goto the lobby and walk futher. How to invite people to my game? Give them the place id of your game, then they should know what to do. If someone destroys your place, and you want it reverted, PM me i can also ban the player from Buildz. Soo how to i invite people if it's 1 player max? This isn't your place, your place haves 8 player max.


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