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To me, the most beautiful and exquisite part of ROBLOX isn't the games, inventory, or groups; the people you meet that one day grow too old and move on is. I believe growing up is the best part of this all.

♔Kayla Emeline Douglas [RP]♔

♔ Proud sailor and soldier of TGEoB ♔

♔ 42nd Highland Regiment - 1st Company ♔

♔ HMS Indefatigable - SoTL ♔

♔ heil meloonia ♔

me and ian are going to kidnap jason and let him live in our closet
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[RMC] Royal Marine Battalions
[TGAB] 42nd "Black Watch" Highland Regiment
[TGNB] Royal Marine Corps
-[TU]- Turkmenistan
Agnostics of Robloxia
Empire of Meloon
Stomp Legion
The Great Army of Britannia
The Great Navy of Britannia


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Welcome to my profile.

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Welcome to my profile.
My twitter is @SayNoToPeasants


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