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Royal Blood
Hi I'm weirdal53, I like to play games on roblox. Never give up. never give in, never quit. Learn to live and love your life. :) Best friends I've had on roblox: Rezdonox/RIPCWK, Best leader to me ever also made me happy during sad times. Zapermunz, Best friend/co-leader in a few clans. Also turned my frown upside down. I play guitar. I won't trade my desert scout. Even after I added that people kept trying. I set my trade to friend only. Sorry but its just too annoying. Might turn off trade completely. I'm never quitting roblox! Roblox is awesome!
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My Lab
Work that I may never get done
Gear Chaos Terrain

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Gear Chaos Terrain
Test gear here. Me messing with terrain.
After The Apocalypse

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After The Apocalypse
Maybe the grass is greener on the other side. But as of now our world is recovering from fading to black.


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