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-The Randomners-
-The Randomners-
camp half blood rp name:lilly ravengem weapon:magic and a bone that turns into a staff of death that summons good monsters. secondary weapon:styigian iron daggers mom:hectate dad:hades brother: anyone in rp whos name is nico diangelo. sis:anyone whos name is bianca. bf:lemonpiejuju Draconlifors kramer7 alliecankill and more! fav rp is camp half-blood or hogwarts made by builder thomas or ryan btw anyone who likes to rp pm and i will make you mah best friend other then btw i mostly only play rp's. pls join gpa (if you girl) or bpa (if your a boy) well this lillygirl708 and i know your stalking me if your reading this >:3 stop stalking meh! best friends: snakeeey
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-The Randomners-
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the vip is friends only :p i am a bad builder btw so dont comment on how my game is terrible and if you do i will ban you from my game and take off comments
my random place/do anything you want

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my random place/do anything you want
its just a place fr randomness
lillygirls708s' personal server for building

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lillygirls708s' personal server for building
blah blah blah build blah blah blah chat blah blah blah do randomness


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