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I am quitting.
Roblox is the best online game out there, don't get me wrong, BUT, I have played it to it's limits. none of my TRUE RL friends play so I am getting bored. I may come on once every few months when I am bored but I feel I am a bit too old for this amazing game.
-tehepicskater1 - 6 may 2013, final quitting day.

Hi i'm tehepicskater:
If you see me call me tehe, tehepic or TheSupremeMasterOfEpicness (LOL)

I am a strong fighter with both sword and gun, but also a wealthy NBC.I am British

Started Roblox: 7/17/2011 - (I had had another account 3 months prior to tehepicskater1)
BC: 1/17/2012 (roughly)
Quit/End of BC/Veteran: 7/17/2012
I rejoined 6 months later
then quit 5/6/2013
(I used American dates to make it easier for people)

YES, It's true. Completely by accident my BC expired on the same day I got veteran, I quit because my BC expired so I got bored of roblox.

I'm lvl29 on Clockworks calculator
friends IRL:
Mattio365, BobC17, Rooney2206
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Sword Fight Interview place.

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Sword Fight Interview place.
A place where I interview people about Sword Fighting.
The Skate Squad HQ

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The Skate Squad HQ
Added a stair set. --------------------------------------------------------- made by mattio365. He has handed over the responsibility of a HQ for The Skate squad and i will be making it better. Enjoy. JOIN TSS!

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Testing for building
BC auction house-Simoon68 visited

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BC auction house-Simoon68 visited
A BC auction house. Admin:
Tactical Operators training (CLOSED)

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Tactical Operators training (CLOSED)
The recruitment centre for Tactical Operators, Join today!
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