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Panzer Lehr Division
Panzer Lehr Division
If you need a mercenary/spy i'm a decent choice... good at sword fight decent at gun fighting and kind of good at stealth, but stealth depends on what i have to help me with it (Like hide name button) PM me if interested.

Famous people met (As in talked to and hung out with): daxter33, guest 1, gues
t 1337
If i am in your group but don't have the uniform its because i am low on money currently, Sorry!
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Cart ride through a mountain!

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Cart ride through a mountain!
Ride through a mountain to winners with your friends or by your self! At winners is: walk speed givers, Teleport super jump and fly, Many paths, And even hat givers! More coming soon!
Explore the ocean with a slow boat (not done)

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Explore the ocean with a slow boat (not done)
This game is not done, Expect many changes. Much much more will be added. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Explore a deep underwater wreck. Find an island. or just sail around in a strange pedal boat.
Large donation

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Large donation
Inside is a testing grounds to test the things you bought.
Island survival

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Island survival
See how long you can survive stranded on a island!

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