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RockDaWorld's Minions
Hii Children !!

Im Livi, 13 years old from Canada. I am a really awkward person.. xD

I don't go on here a ton, so if you want to talk more, I have Skype, kik, tumblr, snapchat, etc. message me and If I think you aren't creepy ill message you back!! c: (my profile photos aren't fake even tho some of you think idek why)

I like music; ptv, bvb, ed sheeren, the script ♥☻☺

so um that's it, I guess ill go now. see yaw perterters c:

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Water Park...... <3

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Water Park...... &lt;3
Yes This Was Copied Lovies :)
Whole Lot Of Epic!

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Whole Lot Of Epic!
Just Updated On 8/18/2012 Visit You Get A Rabbit Badge... The Whole Place Is New And Inproved! Hope You Enjoy :)
Town Of Robloxia

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Town Of Robloxia
The Picture Of This Place Doesnt Explain Anything But When You Visit You Will KNOW This Is Just Like Town Of Robloxia.... Hope You Enjoy :) *copied from 1dev2*
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