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Black Hawk Brigade
Black Hawk Brigade

About me-

E-2 (LR) in BHB

pretty much 1st rank in all other groups :P

I AM a christian so pretty much on ROBLOX, treat others how ---->YOU<---- want to be treated because if your mean to people soon they will come to you and do worse things than you did to them, I pretty much call the a 1up like you do something to one person ad they do worse things and then you do an EVEN WORSE thing and it goes ON AND ON until someone either quits or one thing becomes fatal and one person dies. so it's best you be nice to others so things like that dont happen.

Ok I am a COMPUTER ADDICT every day i might be on the computer from 3:00 to 10:30, and i usually get on at 5:00 or 6:00. just saying this if you ever want to meet me.
(just saying i can't get on the computer till 3:00).

-Quote- Some things are closer and farther then they seem, some people reach for whats closer, they get wealth and richness but a life without god, but others get more than wealth and richness com
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Black Hawk Brigade
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the objective is to survive, and kill other players before they take your life, become my friend for access to rest places. About the rest places, if you see someone kill in a rest area report me there name and I will ban them. There will NEVER be a buyable VIP.
Plant and Animal cell school project

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Plant and Animal cell school project
This project is for my school project. Open to anyone who needs an idea if they have a project like this.
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