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Sapphy Caps™
Sapphy Caps™
I was put on this earth on August 31st, 1997. in Rouen, France

Easter is coming! Celebrate with this adorable outfit.

i'm going to be more inactive but feel free to send me clothing requests

Design staff- Kestrel, Tiger & Owl - Zoinkas
Add me on Microvolts - Zoinkas
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hop off ahahah
R.I.P My Animals

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R.I.P My Animals
thank you all for visiting, i have updated this place to all recent loss of my animals. sugar- dog, hit by car patches- cat, hit by car alley- cat, was a stray cat, it ran away during the winter and we saw it's carcass in the woods. 2 hamsters- my friend sat on them when we were about 5. kittens- my cat patches had a litter of kittens, they were stillborn. fish- my beta, henry. i had it for about 5 years. i also had 4 hermit crabs, but them dying didn't affect me that much.
Sapphy Caps Official Green Screen

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Sapphy Caps Official Green Screen
Join Sapphy Caps today!
Sapphy Caps Official Runway -under con

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Sapphy Caps Official Runway -under con
Join Sapphy Caps today! This is the runway for a very unique group, everyone here is welcome. You will not be judged! WINTER RUNWAY
The Cabin [ peaspod played ]

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The Cabin [ peaspod played ]
There's no point in this game. It's just a cabin , I added a pose tool so you can take pictures. This took bout 2 weeks due to my laziness. Hope you enjoy :)

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Welcome to the Gameshow by cSapphire and DhatBoiiPapi. *Scripted and built by DhatBoiiPapi* DO NOT send the links of your shirts to me. Send ROBUX t-shirts to DhatBoiiPapi, and TIX T-shirts to KingJoshXI. Please message me if you have any positive or negative feedback, as I will use that to improve this game! cSapphire Hey! Want to host games for me? Send me a message answering these 2 questions. Have you ever hosted in a game? Are you friendly and reliable? Think this is a scam? Check me, and DhatBoiiPapi's t-shirts for proof!


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