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The Holy Germanic Empire
The Holy Germanic Empire
We are all just soldiers, fighting for what? That is the question. Once you find out what you fight for, nothing will stand in your way. Men die each day, but the only casualties are the ones who didn't know what to fight for. - ww2reenactor.
✠--WWII Roleplay Info.---✠
Name: Fritzen Schultz Jünger II
Service: Deutsches Wehrmacht
Pervious Services: WWI Survivor, Survived British Capture.
Unit: 71st Rifle Infantry Infantry Regiment
Age: 41
Best Komeraden(s) ever: DimitriMarkhov, LegoMasterMaker
To my best friends: 'I never thanked you for being there for me all the time, in times of depression, loss, and other stuff I do not want to admit. You guys are probably the best friends someone could have and I am blessed to have you guys, without you guys I would still be a nobody on Roblox. I thank you for being the best friends a guy could have. You guys are awesome' -Fritz
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Deutsche Afrika Korps
Eastern European Front
Fallschirmjager Division
The Holy Germanic Empire
WWII Roleplaying Comunity


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WWI- Into no man's land….1916 NEW GUNS AND STUFF

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WWI- Into no man's land….1916 NEW GUNS AND STUFF
Whoa! Your favourite roleplay minigame is back!! Remeber to have fun, play fair and be realistic! (the time in WWI era 1914-1918) Have fun! make sure you send the make a friend request, and comment on the game and give your opinions! also join the maker's primary group! STAY AWESOME! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------World war one, one of the most devastating wars of the 20th century. Now YOU can relive the moments like the brave men that risked their lives for their countries with your friends. A roleplay game by Fritz Gibson. (Fritzjunger) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
THGE-Kassrine Defensive

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THGE-Kassrine Defensive
Credit to masonaki
THGE- Urban Defensive (Raidable)

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THGE- Urban Defensive (Raidable)
THGE-Eastern Front Defensive

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THGE-Eastern Front Defensive
Rules: -No Spawnkilling -No empty Server Raiding -No Flaming -ABSOLUTELY NO HACKING/CHEATING -AAers will be kicked -First team to 150 kills wins -Respect all authorities

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Price: 170
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