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No longer owned by Hibariix

Empress of :Node:

Ken Ashcorp <3

"Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes."

"Don't watch your life as if it is happening to someone else. It is happening to YOU. And it is happening NOW!"

"Do not hold your head too high, or I will cut it off" - uchiha011

Lvl 75 Roblox player -Ultra player

Apprentice -
Student -
Advisor -

Swordfighting ~ 9/10
Gunfighting ~ 7/10
Building ~ 9/10
Scripting ~ 6/10
Roleplaying ~ 7/10
Driving/piloting ~ 8/10
Teamworking ~ 9/10
Graphics Design ~ 8/10

I will never reach 10/10 as 10/10 means Perfection. And perfection cannot be achieved.
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:Node: Royal Guards
:Node: Sentinels
BLEACH RPG 2 Official Group
Bleach RPG2 Fraccion #13


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Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 66%

Active Places

:Node: - [Outpost Nexus] {RAIDABLE}

Visited 2,095 times (944 last week)
:Node: - [Outpost Nexus] {RAIDABLE}
:Node: :Rules: (All ban-able offences) -No team switching -:Node: are not to enter the raider spawn -NO glitching of any type WHAT SO EVER -Flaming is fine -Do NOT raid with our uniform on -Do NOT team kill -Do NOT spawn kill -Do NOT ally/visitor raid -Do NOT wall jump :Basics: :Node: wins at 150 KOs -There must be 5 :Node: and 4 raiders present for an official raid -Terminal must be held for 600 seconds -The gate by the cliffs opens every 500 seconds then closes after 300 seconds -There is an obby to get in :Terms of Abuse: -Admin abuse results in a win for raiders -Enemies braking rules constantly results in win for :Node: -In the event of an exploit neither win teams and the raid is either restarted or simply ended
:Node: - [Training Base]

Visited 209 times (78 last week)
:Node: - [Training Base]
This is where :Node: trains.
:Node: - [HOLO Training]

Visited 492 times (257 last week)
:Node: - [HOLO Training]
Here you will train with your comrades in this Holo. If you do well enough you will earn promotions, have a great time. Holo commands: startBridges, startColor, startDBSF, startDefence, startFalls, startLake, startObby, startSharks, startSF. -Credit to Rainsenpai for providing us this HOLO
:Node: - [Meeting Center]

Visited 39 times (14 last week)
:Node: - [Meeting Center]
This is where :Node: gather for meetings held by High ranks.
Rivalry: Battle for Supremacy

Visited 50 times (4 last week)
Rivalry: Battle for Supremacy
[STILL WORKING ON UPDATES BUT PLAYABLE] So warrior, You have decided to join the fray, Brave choice. This land is a long way from the peace it once knew. Two factions, The legion and the Horde. The legion are an assembled force of honourable fighters, Bound by respect and loyalty but will not hesitate to take your head. However if you are fighting against the Horde, Don't bother to cut their hearts out, You won't find one. Whichever side you serve, the goal is the same. Destroy your enemies and bring back resources to improve your faction's technology. So then, do we have a deal warrior? Or do we have a problem? Soon to Come: - Silver Ore - Extended Map - More Weapons


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