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Join the Rangers Department, TODAY! Join the Rescue branch ONLY if you have already joined the RANGERS department, FIRST!

Please review and agree with BOTH of our Laws/Regs. for the town or face felony punishments for whatever law you claim to "unknowlingly" break! (RANGERS, READ TOO!!)

DO NOT ask for promotions. You earn them and you will be noticed for your work if you put ANY while with us. It's not hard or too easy to earn a promotion. Listen to orders and do what you JOINED for!

~ reshiram145
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☞The Union's Military☞
FootingHeigh County Rangers Department
FootingHeigh County: Rescue Services


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FCRD|☆Heigh's Town☆™ 47K+ <-{INFO-BELOW-!}->

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FCRD|☆Heigh&#39;s Town☆™ 47K+ &lt;-{INFO-BELOW-!}-&gt;
--[VISIT, TODAY!!]-- WELCOME to Heigh's Town! A town over the sea! All the department asks of you all is to follow basic traffic laws, respect the local enforcement around here and ENJOY your stay in the town while being SAFE doing it! The town features a Police Department, Hospital, Neighborhood and many other town amenities! The Town of Heigh is now in it's FINAL V4 stages! Of course, I will be doing some minor tweaks every now or so but no more major updates up until this point. But for now... FOLLOW THE RULES AND DON'T BE A FOOL... YOU FOOLS!! HUGE AMAZING thank yous to sheriff15, YE015, TrainAustin, and many others for making the V4 UPDATES: POSSIBLE!!! Laws/Regulations! - (PLEASE READ UPON ARRIVAL!!) - PostID=129875705 ---©Approved 100% by reshiram145---
The Union's Military ▬ ☜★☞ HQ Fort Fisher 200!+

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The Union&#39;s Military ▬ ☜★☞ HQ Fort Fisher 200!+
JOIN THE UNION! - ~BACK HISTORY~ This is the Union's own Headquarters established just before the Civil war. It serves as only a temporary operational post for the Federals but little do the troops know that it will be needed for delivering in critical supply routes and pulling of a final offensive against a massive Confederate ambush at the 'First Battle of Fort Fisher'. ~RULES OF RAID~ This Fort/Headquarters is open for raids with any Civil War type group. First, message me with the date and time you'd like to raid us. Second, I will decide wheater the date and time is OK for me. Thirdly, we shall meet precisely at the time and call for our reinforcements to the fight. Victor of the battle gets to choose the battle title that they fought in. ---©Approved 100% by the Union's Military---
The Union's Military ▬ York Province 200!+

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The Union&#39;s Military ▬ York Province 200!+
[*BOTH* ISLANDS ARE NOW CLOSE BY!] JOIN THE UNION! - ~Help!~ To drive the bigger war ships, use left/right arrow keys to navigate yourself out the docks, and use the forward/left/right keys to maneuver through. Backward only stops ship. To use the smaller war ships - press forward key to move out of docks area and use any other key to navigate out of the area. There is a cannon piece installed to the craft. ;) Capture both flagpoints in order to gain an upperhand or capture both and become the enduring! ---©Approved 100% by the Union's Military---
The Union's Military ▬ Harrisburg, VA [MAIN FORT!]

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The Union&#39;s Military ▬ Harrisburg, VA [MAIN FORT!]
--MAIN FORTRESS Fort Teryl!-- JOIN THE UNION! - For the first 4 days of battle, the Confederate General was forced an absense from command to attend pressing issues. Replaced by a new General for the time being, the Union troops led by Grant were able to take back the town easily without hurt until Lee arrived back... Mount up and attempt to even the odds with new weapons Use cannons strategically set all over the map to your advantage. Your goal; Capture the Town Flagpoint. It is located in the middle of the map between both battle lines. Please if you're with the Union Military, reset your character once you spawn into the game. ---©Approved 100% by the Union's Military---

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