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Hi, I'm NonstopEpic

I enjoy programming as a main hobby but I also have had three retextures published: Love Song Headphones, 8 Bit Heart, and Korblox Berserker.
After 3 years of programming experience I am preparing to launch my first full game this summer, currently titled "the kanjo bazooie project" (final name to be announced later). If you're interested in helping just PM me; specifically I'm looking for mapmakers and the first stable version of the game should be out in August. If not August then I dunno.
oh and hey if you enjoy pokemon you can join the "official pokemon fan club" group which i'm an admin of; we're one of the largest pokemon groups on ROBLOX with over 4k users and are currently looking to have less inactivity in the group
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Hackathon Entry 2014 [read desc before playing]

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Hackathon Entry 2014 [read desc before playing]
note: due to some bug with my scripts, the game only works in playsolo mode. I didn't build this intending for it to be perfectly flawless, but nevertheless it was fun to make and I learned a lot from it!
Price: 1000
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ROBLOX BobbingWalking Test

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ROBLOX BobbingWalking Test
Recreated first person walking camera movement. Credit to Luckymaxer for help.
Roblox IRC [alpha testing]

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Roblox IRC [alpha testing]
Welcome to Roblox IRC! Roblox IRC is a game where (currently) you can chat with an AI! note: for good responses use grammar when chatting and use simple sentences. Some things I might plan to add soon is: chatting between users, social media (?) and other chatty type stuff. This game makes use of the new HttpService feature. PM me if you have any suggestions for this.
the kanjo bazooie project (summer 2014...?)

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the kanjo bazooie project (summer 2014...?)
currently working on spiral mountain == top secret == basically plans are to make it in the style of a fan-made banjo kazooie 3 (banjo threeie) but characters, worlds, etc are going to be original. Mainly focusing on the gameplay of that series. shouldn't be too hard with my coding skills but we'll see todo: 1- make basic collecting item scripts (it is a game about collecting stuff) 2- make worlds (probably gonna collab with ppl for that) 3- extra stuff (hub, teleports, boss and enemy ai, character movement) probably going to be single-player and use universes to travel between worlds
template place

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template place


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