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Hi, I'm NonstopEpic

My main occupation on ROBLOX tends to be examining how RBXLua works and applying what I've learned from other languages (such as Java, JavaScript, and C++) to RBXLua and trying to do coding that others would consider "impossible". I have also had two retextures published: Love Song Headphones and 8 Bit Heart.
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Community Staff Place (Creare)

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Community Staff Place (Creare)
ROBLOX Community Staff and Forum Users. Next Level and up can build, report abusers to me. Abusers are not funny or cool and will be permabanned from this game, no exceptions. No begging for tools, I know that many people want tools but thing is, the reason Next Level and up can build is to prevent griefers and C4ers. (TL;DR: If you want tools, work your way up to a higher rank in ROBLOX Community Staff and Forum Users)

The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering.
Private Message NonstopEpic to request access.
NSE testing labs 2.0: free points update

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NSE testing labs 2.0: free points update
(okay somewhat free points)
Price: 100
Buy Access Buy Access
ROBLOX BobbingWalking Test

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ROBLOX BobbingWalking Test
Recreated first person walking camera movement. Credit to Luckymaxer for help.
nse testing labs

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nse testing labs
Roblox IRC [alpha testing]

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Roblox IRC [alpha testing]
Welcome to Roblox IRC! Roblox IRC is a game where (currently) you can chat with an AI! note: for good responses use grammar when chatting and use simple sentences. Some things I might plan to add soon is: chatting between users, social media (?) and other chatty type stuff. This game makes use of the new HttpService feature. PM me if you have any suggestions for this.
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