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Hollywood undead
Hollywood undead
DOB~ 12/24/97
You're not welcome here.
Well, if you're still reading you seem like a nice person.
Hello I am dak127, I prefer to be called Dak or D127
I hate the world around me as much as it hates me.
I have friends, I have a life.
If you're going to be a bite in my butt, I'd suggest you stop looking at my profile
I'm a really nice guy once you get to know me (Ignore blurbs that say different)
Do you have many friends in rl? No, not that many.
Why are you on ROBLOX? This is America, right?
What's your favorite band? Skillet.
What's your least favorite band? I don't know.
Who's your best friend on here? xXSINDICATEXx.
Who do you despise on here? JokerBlowin.
What are your hobbies outside of ROBLOX? Writing stories, video games, working, and school are my hobbies.
Why do you hate the world? Do you want me to give you a two hour explanation why?
"You're nothing, but a kid behind a keyboard."
"You don't own me."
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Hollywood undead
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The Hangout [eesh more updates.. LAUGH AT IT]

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The Hangout [eesh more updates.. LAUGH AT IT]
Do not ask for admin i will kick any hacker or exploiter that joins. Some art shown in this place are NOT made by me If people are caught OD'ing will be kicked

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added a kick tool and dynamic lighting and it's a capture the flag

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War of the gears!

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War of the gears!
Added admin Admins are me, BeautifulDarkness127, and no one else
Free Roleplay

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Free Roleplay
RP whatever you want (Updates coming soon)


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