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✖ The Dark Carnival ✖
DOB~ 12/24/97
"You'd rather charge into a cave and get slaughtered? See you on the other side brother." ~ Me

"What if the tripwire is a lie....? Would that mean something good will happen?" ~ Me

"Not only I fight for the brotherhood. I fight for the one's I love. Forever. And always." ~ Me ((My OC quote X3))

"If you mess with Dani. Best pray you're dead." ~ Me

"Just because you're after me. Does not mean. You have to cause a damn scene." ~ Me

"It's just not I hate you. But, if you're on fire. And I had a glass of water. I would drink it."

I thought I was the one who stole your heart. But I guess. It was some other kid. That took my spot. And you. Replaced me.

"I don't wanna die, so you're gonna have to." ~ Danny

Just because, I roleplay. Does not mean I Online Date. Stuff happens. K?

CoolPopper, Thanks for making me realize how much of a idiot you were. K.

All my haters can eat shet and d!e. K.

I'm in F.E.A.R

So what?

I like to fight.
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If you're the person I really dislike. Don't join. Cus I'll :kick you

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added a kick tool and dynamic lighting and it's a capture the flag

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War of the gears!

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War of the gears!
Added admin Admins are me, BeautifulDarkness127, and no one else
Free Roleplay

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Free Roleplay
RP whatever you want (Updates coming soon)


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