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UCAF Air force
UCAF Air force
Always happy to have a nice talk with anyone. If you find it funny to act like an idiot then you will only be ignored and banned from projects. Your loss sorry.

Would also like to suck up to the devs and thank them for offering such great software to everyone for free. ROBLOX is such a great example of how online businesses should operate.
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UCAF Air force
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Active Places

UCAF: Central Outpost

Visited 32,005 times (72 last week)
UCAF: Central Outpost
Raiding Rules - - Situated in the Atlantic Ocean this Outpost is heavily guarded.
UCAF - Training Outpost

Visited 1,042 times (9 last week)
UCAF - Training Outpost
In Beta, only half completed but playable.
UCAF Meeting Room

Visited 625 times (2 last week)
UCAF Meeting Room
Under Construction
UCAF - Mothership V.2

Visited 757 times (10 last week)
UCAF - Mothership V.2
Yes there are a lot of glitches it hasnt been maintained in a while but the main functions are oporational,don't use beamer seats not sure if they work due to updates. Main controls and main function of the ship are working.
Base Build

Visited 198 times (6 last week)
Base Build
Tools are for selected builders only


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