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Cat Lovers
Cat Lovers
Helloo, I'm cooljimmy99, but you can call me Jimmy, 'cos that's my name irl.
(irl=in real life)

hotpuppy123 (Miaka)

Omar and Aly are my friends irl.
I got more best friends but I forgot their names :L

(And nonononono I don't donate. I only donate to my friends)



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-[FRA]- Republic of France
Cat Lovers
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The Ultimate Obby! [ Updated ]

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The Ultimate Obby! [ Updated ]
Note to yourself that I currently have 7492 R$ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to go halfway through the obby? Buy the t-shirt! T-Shirt Link- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You see those dislikes? Those are from rage-quitters that couldn't finish. NOTE: You will ONLY get the prize if the owner is in your server, otherwise he won't have proof that you won! People have already won, and I can give you their usernames if you want for proof that this is not a scam. Otherwise, have fun! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Hardest Obby In Roblox!

Visited 46 times (1 last week)
The Hardest Obby In Roblox!
Win this obby for admin. Those dislikes are from rage-quitters that are terrible at this game. Good luck
[NBC] -Pro Obby- [Read Desc]

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[NBC] -Pro Obby- [Read Desc]
I hope you have an awesome time! I removed the comments due to too much spam. I'm sorry! I didn't use scripting in any parts of my game, the Welcome GUI is from my friend. Send me a message and I will tell you what you also get if you win. This game was fully made, edited and moderated by me, but as I said, the scripting was not from me, hence I took a copy of Kohl's admin because I don't know how to make admin myself! Make sure to spread the word around about this game. Thanks in advance, and good luck. -Jimmy
Old Roblox Place

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Old Roblox Place
Behind the house there is a secret tunnel. Keep on going through the tunnels(with the car) until you reach the desert biome. Then follow the road and it will bring you to the space station :) Ah, this gives me the memories back when I joined in 2010. Back then, when you create a new place this place comes up. I'm so glad I didn't delete this :) By the way, roblox made all of these, I didn't build anything.


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