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LionPool FC
So,you visited my profile
How nice of you :D
So yeah,Welcome to my profile
I come from Serbia at city called Pancevo,but i was born in France :/
Im a YouTuber,YAY!! :D YouTube username: Miniature Teodor
I got Ro-Soccer career(I did had but Message me if you need a Striker or GK :D)
Ro-Soccer status:
GK-88 Defender-79(NOT GOOD DEFENDER)
Overrall-I hate math so i dont know
I was in a group called S.W.A.T. Clan( i retired(I was High Rank :D)
I quited ROBLOX for a while cus i tought it was boring,but i decided to see whats going on on ROBLOX and then BOOM! Im back! :D
Want to be on YouTube? Here are some steps how to be on YouTube:
1.Send me a friend request on roblox(you will see why)
2.Invite me to party when im online(Only Friends can invite
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LionPool FC
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