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Find The Kirby's FanClub!
Find The Kirby's FanClub!
Want to buy a Kirby that's named/dressed like you?

My only alt is Flerskee!

I won't accept bad trades, join your group, play your game, give you admin or free vip or party you so please stop asking....

I love video games, reading, and making new friends so please feel free to follow me. :)

R.I.P. Melook

Like my games? Thanks! :D Favourite and Thumbs up? :D
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Find The Kirby's FanClub!
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Active Places

Disaster City [Update :o] (READ DESC.)

Visited 8,329 times (56 last week)
Disaster City [Update :o] (READ DESC.)
In this game, you try to survive in an ordinary city...while crazy disasters try to kill you! Buildings may fall over, break in two, or even break apart! Please pm me any disaster ideas, and ideas for the game. Thanks! [Note this has NOTHING to do with the end of the world. It's just the game idea!]
The Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Roleplay!

Visited 1,170 times (17 last week)
The Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Roleplay!
I know I havn't worked on this game in a long time. I've been working on other projects. I plan on getting back on this soon actually.
★ The Ancient Floors of Valtaria RPG ★ [FLOOR 2]

Visited 1,105 times (17 last week)
★ The Ancient Floors of Valtaria RPG ★ [FLOOR 2]
Say "save/" to save your Tools!! And RPG early in it's development. You fight enemies to reach the boss at the end of each Floor to advance to higher and more difficult Floors. Will you be able to reach the final Floor? I'd love to hear your ideas and feedback! Please pm me Enemy/Boss Ideas, Weapons, Floor Themes, etc.!
-4 New + Buy Kirby Pass!- Find the Kirbys! (175)

Visited 463,520 times (1,327 last week)
-4 New + Buy Kirby Pass!-  Find the Kirbys! (175)
Wanna buy a Kirby? Buy this! Join the group FanClub! :D Find the Kirby's throughout the various maps. Where a Kirby is may depend on the map and the theme of the Kirby. If you were to count all of the Kirby badges, it wouldn't equal the number of badges in the name of the badge hunt, because limited Kirbys don't count. (Kirby Template) Credit!: Hack44rs for some Kirby models, Planet3arth (for ideas c:), tsvlink25 (for inspiration c:) RrayRray for this Run/Walk/Spawn/Reset GUI's, Kieranread for scripting the "You Met The Creator" badge, pbjms for the badge checklist, TechnicBeam for help with the checklist!+Much More
The Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Roleplay 2!

Visited 701 times (4 last week)
The Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Roleplay 2!
This is a 2D version of my other Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door roleplay. Still a wip! [Rogueport 100% done now starting sewers!]
Hide N Seek! (Adding Maps! :D)

Visited 1,529 times (7 last week)
Hide N Seek! (Adding Maps! :D)
This is my version of a classic ROBLOX game, Hide and Seek! In this game, one player is selected at random to to be 'It'. The Hiders have 60 seconds to hide in the map before the It is released. If the It catches you, you are teleported back to the lobby. There are hidden stars through the map, which each give 3 points, so you may want to try to move around even if the It is searching, just to gain points; however you decide to play. Enjoy, Favourite, Thumbs Up, and don't forget to PM me your suggestions! Want to make a map? Great! Just make sure it's a good size, and doens't include many free models! Include hiding spots, and I'll add the stars myself.
Building! :D

Visited 129 times (0 last week)
Building! :D
Well... yea. :o
Search for the Squids! [61] -Bunny+Apocalypse!-

Visited 51,684 times (1,040 last week)
Search for the Squids! [61] -Bunny+Apocalypse!-
(I'm reading in Comments that I used free model maps and objects? I actually built EVERYTHING you see in the maps by myself! I spent a lot of time building it! I'm not sure how you think it's a free model map, BUT IT ISN'T!) Join the Fan Group for updates and a voice! This is Search for the Squids, a game where you go around various areas in search of... SQUIDS! They are generally found in areas based on their themes, colors, and names. You can buy VIPs to help increase your chances of finding squids! Ok guys, I get it. The Sky Army wouldn't like this game. Stop with those comments. I don't care if some people don't like it, I care that some enjoy it. Posting about the Sky Army won't make me happy. Please stop giving it Thumbs Down because it's squids. -Credit to billybobtijoseph and his awesome ads. ;D-
The Long, Fun Obby! :D [172]

Visited 68,030 times (74 last week)
The Long, Fun Obby! :D [172]
[I see this game is getting thumbs down because it's a long obby. Guys, I made all of this so don't Thumbs Down for that please.] This is my long obby. It's no wheres close to finished, as I am planng on a few hundred levels.
Nintendo Obby with lots of morphs! [OLD]

Visited 13,961 times (18 last week)
Nintendo Obby with lots of morphs! [OLD]
This was the very first game I ever made on ROBLOX. It's filled with free models. XD
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