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The Natural Cure Group
The Natural Cure Group
Before I say anything about myself:
You can call me names, make me look bad and/or tell people lies about me, but just remember this, anything mean you say about me will never be true. Alright, I think I've said enough about that.
I'm stackergirl. Hello.
Hobbies: Crafting (Sculpting, painting, etc.), cooking and role playing.
Q: Do you donate robux and/or tix? A: If it's for a good cause.
Places I'm working on:
1) What Happened Last Night?
2) Pearl City -2014-
Q: How much is your building skill level? A: I would say a level 3 in my perspective.
I joined Roblox in 2008 during the month of December.
Send me a message or friend request. :) Feel free to start a conversation. Thanks for reading, if you read this whole thing, give yourself a good pat on the back.
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Welcome to My Profile!!!

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Welcome to My Profile!!!
I My Games I v
Just Married

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Just Married
For my aunt for her special celebration! Have a good life! :)

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I make models here :3
What Happened Last Night? (WIP)

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What Happened Last Night? (WIP)
NOTE: I want to let everyone know this is a incomplete game and is still a work in progress. GENRE: MYSTERY STORY: The night before things started getting crazy, you invited a couple friends over. The next morning you wake up and you don't remember one thing of what happened last night. As you try to find out what happened, you think to yourself "What happened last night?". This is where you (The person who doesn't remember) come in and try to look for clues and ask different people what happened that night.
Pearl City -2014- (WIP) (Inspired by ATF)

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Pearl City -2014- (WIP) (Inspired by ATF)
(WIP) This game was inspired by ChadTheCreator.
Irongate (18%)

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Irongate (18%)
Irongate (Based off Icarus, made by ediee544) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to george148 for the sand terrain
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Cool Scientist
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