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Bios are overrated
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welcome to my profile

Visited 55 times (0 last week)
welcome to my profile
idk why. i got bored ok
Price: 100
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Destroy The Cartoon Characters! [READ DESC]

Visited 117 times (7 last week)
Destroy The Cartoon Characters! [READ DESC]
[DESC] [Guys, my script has broke unfortunately but I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Admin will be 75 robux and 1000 tix.] Destroy all of em. Make them go boom boom. Some of them have regen buttons and some of them regen automatically. Admin shirt If you want to buy admin early: IF THIS GAME GETS 100 VISITS I WILL MAKE BADGES AND GAMEPASSES!
Survive the zombies

Visited 122 times (1 last week)
Survive the zombies
[UPDATE] Swords added. New zombie. kill them anyway possible (2 admin orbs are in the game)
my shrine

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my shrine
first game made 100% of bricks. i come here when im sad and need to think.
Combusting's Dueling Arena

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Combusting's Dueling Arena
first dueling arena i made. Old Animations. finally finished!




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