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I have not really been on Roblox much recently because of two reasons:
1.) I no longer have BC
2.) For that moment in time, Roblox had the worst games imaginable
Now I'm working on a quiz level with easy questions. It won't be done till later in the next couple months.... maybe.
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Zombies: The Aftermath

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Zombies: The Aftermath
New VIP! Mini: Normal: Mega: Uber: ULTIMATE: The zombie outbreak started in 2012 in a contained facility called U.R.K.P. The virus was contained and all zombies were quarantined. Over the years, the U.R.K.P forgot about the infection outbreak. They found new technology. All the plants in the world vanished, so the supply of wood was limited and so was the oxygen, so humans started making artifitial oxygen. They were so focused on the new technology outbreak, that they forgot they stored the quarantined zombies in a saferoom. When they went into the saferoom to search for any life or plants... they had found the virus a
Protect the Castle from Monsters! [1.2] READ DESC!

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Protect the Castle from Monsters! [1.2] READ DESC!
Fight off hordes of bandits and goblins constantly! Every 60 seconds, a Boss comes to slay you! UPDATE 1.2! --------------------- Still working on the Giant. I added new features to the castle, moved the shop, added more items to the shop, added a team, and added a no-team-kill script. I am also pondering over how to make the shop work. I've got it so the two new battle axes work, sometimes the bronze, gold, and silver swords work, and the potions work most of the time. I hope you have fun and tell your friends!
Survive Lots of Disasters on the Moon! (NEW: VIP!)

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Survive Lots of Disasters on the Moon! (NEW: VIP!)
Added so that the disasters do not attack the Astronauts. I realize that the shop was down, that was due to my lack of knowledge in Roblox Studio and scripts. Now I know a lot more, so I fixed the shop, and now it works. I removed Gravity Coils from the shop because they make you fly because of the Space Gravity Script. VIP! ------------------------------------------------------------
Build to Survive the Zombies (1.3)

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Build to Survive the Zombies (1.3)
Build a base to have protection from zombies. 1.3 Added special VIP for people I manually put in, so no shirt. Added Anti Team Kill Fixed Gun Shop
Fall down Heaven's Stairs!

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Fall down Heaven's Stairs!


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