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User PointsPlayer Points: 30
XF me at VulcanProtector or Skype me at hyas1nth.

Working on my various skills. Bane is on hold for a while.
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Leviathan Guard
ROBLOX Winter Games 2014!
Ruber Pluvia
Spectrum Security
Spectrum Security - Iron Fortitude
Steel Shield
The Robloxian Cops
The Valiant Nation
Vortex Security


Friends: 32
Forum Posts: 436
Place Visits: 29,770
Knockouts: 28,323
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 61%

Active Places

Bane: Outpost Arboretum

Visited 531 times (0 last week)
Bane: Outpost Arboretum
Still in progress. Organ suit, as seen here,, is inside of everyone. Bullets take their realistic course through the body and the injuries are semi-realistic. Aim for the eyes and the spine for the coolest effects!
a personal graveyard

Visited 2,643 times (0 last week)
a personal graveyard
Oh, spirits of my past; how have you been?

Visited 5,095 times (23 last week)
Ruined by the constant-jump update of 2013, this place is now under construction to make way for a bigger, better pit.
Training Holo: TVN & Bane

Visited 1,619 times (10 last week)
Training Holo: TVN & Bane
Say hello to "Sim," a holo training center built and scripted entirely by Kuas (except for the RCL maps, obviously). Everything should be fairly simple to understand for trainers. :s to spawn a player. :d to "death" a player. :k to kick a player. :b to ban a player. :+ to award a player. :- to take away an award from a player. :r to reset the training. :m to shout a message. :l to grant an extra life to a player. :t to team-change a person. Good for tournaments until everything is finished.
Building Maps

Visited 574 times (0 last week)
Building Maps
Survive the Slime! MORE CASH

Visited 1,829 times (2 last week)
Survive the Slime! MORE CASH
Run for your life! It's the slimeeeee! I've taken an old game idea by Her0z and revamped it! I made this completely from scratch, the only thing I copied was the idea. Collect gold in the lobby for MORE CASH! Anything look familiar? I've taken the most popular games on roblox and combined their looks and styles to make various components of this game! Want to submit a map? Read this:
Bane Casino [Player Points!]

Visited 6,072 times (7 last week)
Bane Casino [Player Points!]
Currently has: -Blackjack Working on: -Texas Hold'em -Slots -Five Card Draw
Robot Pirate Island

Visited 1,502 times (0 last week)
Robot Pirate Island
CTF: Slate Valley

Visited 2,581 times (0 last week)
CTF: Slate Valley
Two teams, two flags, one goal. Who will win?
Bane Minigames

Visited 54 times (0 last week)
Bane Minigames
Train here long enough and the odds WILL be in your favor. This place will give you combat matches ranging from CTF to FFA using RCL guns and the classic LinkedSword. Enjoy!
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