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I have quit Roblox. I will rarely respond to messages, but will do so if I get on occasionally. I have found Roblox too boring now and the administrators are growing ever greedier. The corruptness of Roblox today was nothing like 2008 from whence I joined. Any game bores me after 5 minutes and I have already accomplished all I wished for in Roblox. I have no need for Roblox, but I have had a great time for the few years I've been a member.
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Frost Clan
Hierarch Battalion
Stargate Command [SGC]


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Active Places

Halo BattleGrounds: Reach

Visited 311 times (1 last week)
Halo BattleGrounds: Reach
A Halo based game I created before the initial Reach game came out. Isn't as accurate to the real game... Heroic Pack: ---Legendary Pack:
[+] Forest Wars [+] Fight to Survive

Visited 63 times (0 last week)
[+] Forest Wars [+] Fight to Survive
Old game I made :P
Hierarch Battalion: Atlantis

Visited 34 times (0 last week)
Hierarch Battalion: Atlantis
Coming soon
Winter RO-Ball Fight!

Visited 114 times (0 last week)
Winter RO-Ball Fight!
A place to snowball fight your friends or blow up your enemies with hidden presents! If you collect all the presents, you get an epic Prize! Now Added, SNOW FORT MAKING! You can make your own Snowforts and fight your enemies with them, without having them be destroyed by noobs! The Grab tool only allows you to move your own bricks :D But be careful, you get only a maximum of 47 bricks.
Test Place

Visited 84 times (0 last week)
Test Place
Where I build and test things. Now Testing: Flying Vehicles w/Sound


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