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Titan Corp.™
Titan Corp.™
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here is the skate park of gilroy u will find zeke luther kojo sorry we have lost connection.oh i i am sometimes here.and if you go to games and go to search and type SWIMMINGYODA or swimmingyoda my game will show up!
Civil War W.I.P.

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Civil War W.I.P.
Storyline: You are a Civil War soldier fighting in the heat of a summer day that seems endless your objective is to kill as many enemies as possible. About the game: I know it has a ton of free models but don't complain unless you just don't like the game. Scores don't record so people don't brag or get upset. DO IT FOR THE PEOPLE! And I don't know how. xD
Where I make stuff for A&S Architecture :D

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Where I make stuff for A&S Architecture :D
Read the title, baby... Read the title.
Titan Corp. HQ (WIP)

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Titan Corp. HQ (WIP)
I haven't even really started on this yet.
The British Army Temporary Recruitment Center

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The British Army Temporary Recruitment Center
Co-Owners Of Group-SWIMMINGYODA and AchilliesNugget253 I will put more here once there is more
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