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Yes, I have quit ROBLOX... somewhat.

I have recently read the roblox blog, and saw that I can make 10,000 dollars just from creating games!

Which lead me to pursue an old dream of mine of making a popular roblox game. I will be trying to make several.

10,000 dollars would be extremely helpful to myself and my family who struggle to support ourselves everyday.

I want to be able to make this money to help out my family, and myself.

I don't want to try and make you sad and make you give money, but that is just the reason I am back and creating games.
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Team Demolition

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Team Demolition
This game was given to me by WILLIETEHWIERDO200 himself, me and him were friends, and since he quit, he gave me a copy to revive it. This was NOT stolen in any way. It's even fun to play by yourself! Blow up stuff and earn points by pushing the broken pieces off the edge and into the collection bin, then use your points to buy better weapons (including nukes!). If you invite your friends, you can combine your explosive powers to advance faster!
Blow Dryer Wars V2.0

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Blow Dryer Wars V2.0
Price: 50
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Prison Battle

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Prison Battle
A battle has broken out in the Kasada Penitentiary between the police, and the prisoners. The police have an advantage in weapons over the prisoners. Due to that, the prisoners walk faster, and have almost twice the amount of health. STATS: Police - 100 Health 16 Walkspeed Start with Revolver Prisoners - 175 Health 22 Walkspeed Start with Semi-Auto Pistol

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Price: 250
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One Player Zombie Defence

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One Player Zombie Defence
You are defending your home against zombies. But sadly, you didn't have any friends over to help you fight :(.




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