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I don't usually accept friend requests so please don't bother sending them. Not that that stops anyone.
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Active Places

SNCAI - Bot BrickBattle - Various fixes

Visited 350,182 times (174 last week)
SNCAI - Bot BrickBattle - Various fixes
Play free-for-all games, team games, 1- or 2-flag capture the flag and a new King of the Hill mode with AIs! Not for sale. Test new features here:
SNCAI - Battle for the planet - Also Fixed!

Visited 11,377 times (12 last week)
SNCAI - Battle for the planet - Also Fixed!
Huh, nobody told me I could have 5 active places. :/ [[[Currently, my preferred SNCAI place is Bot BrickBattle:]]] Your base is under attack from aliens! Good thing you have a team of gunbots to help you. NOTE: The laser pistol gears don't cause KOs properly, that isn't my fault, it's a bug in them.
SNCAI-BBB: Multiple maps test

Visited 5,391 times (24 last week)
SNCAI-BBB: Multiple maps test
I am aware the second map isn't exactly balanced, it's only for testing. Please leave feedback about performance etc. in the comments (but compare performance with the original place first).


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