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ROBLOX Architects
ROBLOX Architects
Hi, I'm Catmando. I enjoy building and playing games. I read my PMs and accept friend requests.
If you're new to building or you're just looking for a good, all-in-one set of blocks to build with, check out some of the mesh sets in here:
If you need some scripts (not tools) to help you with building, like for making ovals, rose windows, domes, or anything really, check out this set:

I'm at uni now and don't really want to make time for Roblox on top of everything else. Sorry.
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Clan HQ

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Clan HQ
This was built around the same time as the last two updates of Jardicel's Lost Thoughts Fortress were released. It has some neat tricks for its time, especially given the lack of CFrame, but it has not aged well and Jardicel had already raised the bar. Still, I think it has a certain charm. 2008 and 2009 players enter with caution; may be hit with wave of nostalgia.
Build to Survive the Boredom!

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Build to Survive the Boredom!
This is all outdated, but I'm lazy. Sorry, guys!

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I liked this sandcastle!
Catmando's Cozy Office

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Catmando&#39;s Cozy Office
This probably looks silly with the change in bevels and the loss of some meshes, but oh well.
Vignette, Free

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Vignette, Free
I like libraries! This really shows its age though....


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