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British Skies
British Skies
Rest in peace to all those that have died on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on the 17th of July 2014.

~ If it says I'm on the Mobile Website, take no notice of that. I lost my phone and it's still logged into my ROBLOX account... xD

Twitter - @1411Steven
YouTube - Steven1411ROBLOX
Twitch - Aviator1411 ~ Didn't want to display "roblox" on my name on other streams, so yeah.
Steam - 1411Steven ~ Casual Sniper on Team Fortress 2
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British Skies 2013 [V1.0]

Visited 27,926 times (177 last week)
British Skies 2013 [V1.0]
People will like, people will dislike, I ain't even mad. This game was developed for over a year with loads (and I mean LOADS) of changes. There's over 1,000 versions of this game in its version history (by that I do not mean British Skies V1000), this is the first place on my account. I guess it's a good feeling that this game has over 1,000 favourites and over 25K visits, should lagoman's cancer sim get more than this I don't care. That game is an unoriginal concept all wrapped up into itself where the owner doesn't have a clue what to add for another update, nor does the owner have a clue about high brick count. Credits: Crazyman32 - Planekit Aarontanov, Aylix - Idea for an air swamp plane Testin423 - Skybox Note ~ The Air Swamp plane is still here, I just added textured buildings to give users a better experience on this old flight simulator.
Luton Airport

Visited 453 times (18 last week)
Luton Airport
This is from my game British Skies, I will use this as a testing facility while in the meantime I may make an airport to replace this. -- I may even have a go at giving it an interior and correction of scale, as the runway itself is probably not correct -- Tests completed: - Hypersonic aircraft: Broken boundaries of visibility (climbed to 1,000,000ft), broken boundaries of death altitude. (-2007ft, -500 is the death altitude)
Harbor East Airport

Visited 251 times (12 last week)
Harbor East Airport
Type: FICTIONAL Runways: 4000 x 150 studs - Small runway 6000 x 150 studs - Long runway ~ GlobalShadows ticked off to add lighting at a later stage. ~
Test facility

Visited 1,178 times (4 last week)
Test facility
This = exploited? It's like 2 years old anyway. A lab where I test some stuff. 119 121 123 128
British Skies V2.0 | SCRIPTING

Visited 24 times (2 last week)
British Skies V2.0 | SCRIPTING
Progress coming soon, can be found at: I will not be accepting FR's on that account as nobody should be accessing the project.
Charlotte Airport [IMPROVING]

Visited 2,783 times (115 last week)
Charlotte Airport [IMPROVING]
This is my first successful and fictional airport that I've developed on ROBLOX. I'm planning to go ahead and make a few improvements to this airport and make it as a separate model from the other one in appreciation of over 500 takes on the first model.


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