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Pinewood Builders
Pinewood Builders
Hey Welcome To My Profile! Im Rey3 But call Me Drew. I like Music,RP,Ps3ing,and other stuff! I Am Filippino And Asian Who likes Rice Everyday!

Now Here are some Questions to answer!
Y=Yes, N=No, M=maybe, S=Sometimes, d=Depends
will I accpet Fr's A: Y
will I donate A: D
Will I make u ads, Models A: N
Do i have awesome Friends? Y (Lexr4,Angel92,Merlin15,And Mr Bob Jr.)
Will i finish this Blurb? YNMSD (Lol)
Am I Goth Or Emo? (Goth But Mostly Emo)

Meet Bob And Joe!

/) /) /)/)
(>.>) - I am Goth just to Tell you! (o.o) -I Liek Emo Girlz
o_('')('') ('')('')_o
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