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My name is Iceymans6183.
But you can call me Icey or Ice.
This account is worth $3481 Robux. Or 50005 Tickets.
I accept all Friend Requests.
PM if you want to do a group for Gusmanak's Apocalypse Rising or if you want me to join a game with you. I have amazing stories if you want to hear them. I'm and expert at that game.
I will join your group, if you put me at a high rank.
Want to keep in touch outside of ROBLOX?
Send Friend Request


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AR The Ultimates HQ (New Update!)

Visited 22,106 times (5 last week)
AR The Ultimates HQ (New Update!)
Update: (Janarary 11, 2014) A Giant Skateboard Hut, with 8 skateboard racks. Coming Soon: Giant Meeting Room, Even more Skateboard Tracks, Better Items, Battle Arena, Training Arena, Bathrooms. The Ultimates are a group for Apocalypse Rising. We investigate Conspiracy Theories like: Patient Zero, Tree Climber, Mine Monster, Death-Stalker, etc. We have other ally groups like: Army of Kin, AR The Ultimates Elite Fighter, and more groups coming soon. Badges coming soon, once I get Builder's Club.


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