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"Don't tell me the Sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon."
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Active Places

Fort Corzen

Visited 6 times (0 last week)
Fort Corzen
Rules: Must have 4 SFS members on the game. Raid no longer then 1 hour. Mush hold flag for 1200 sec. Also no raiding without a 30 minute warning. No flaming. No hacking or exploiting. No spamming :/ If a Hr AA's please pm me with a proof.
Mario Kart: Balloon Bash

Visited 4 times (0 last week)
Mario Kart: Balloon Bash
Just like the Mario Kart Minigames on the DS, You have 3 ballons and you bash other players to pop there balloons. The goal here is to be the final person with ballons left and you win!!
Sword Fighting Sensation Holo Center

Visited 368 times (0 last week)
Sword Fighting Sensation Holo Center
Holo Commands: computer/start/ffa1 computer/start/obby1 computer/start/obby2 computer/start/obby3 computer/start/obby4 computer/start/obby5 computer/start/colors computer/start/sft computer/start/gft computer/start/raid computer/start/sniper (WIP) computer/start/gauntlet computer/start/terrain computer/start/sharks computer/start/maze computer/start/invaders (TeamDeathMatch) (Team Them Green Or blue) computer/start/gladiators computer/start/rcl computer/end Door Commands: open all close all close lobby open lobby close arena open arena close view open view Admin Commands by Kohl
SFS Meeting Center

Visited 101 times (0 last week)
SFS Meeting Center
Come Here for meetings...
Invasion of the Aliens

Visited 3 times (0 last week)
Invasion of the Aliens
Here you are getting invaded by aliens and you have to work together to keep yourselves alive... Good luck


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