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Hi I am TheKJWINNERS, and I am a Christian.

I am profiting very riskily...Losing 450k and gaining 700k, then losing 300k and gaining 325k, etc. All in 1 month

sfngrocksiluvit scams officially unless I get my 800 robux back :c

Legit people: PaperOstrich

Goal: 1 million R$ value/RAP. 51% complete

Legit tips to get decently famous:

My You tube channel is kjwinners and KJProductions.

Nothing is impossible.
I am a Christian. The Bible is truth. John 3:16; Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 3:23, 6:23, 10:9-10, Proverbs 3:5-6
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Active Places

The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX! [NBC] Updated!

Visited 87,394 times (1,511 last week)
The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX! [NBC] Updated!
3 player server + Developer products added! Welcome to The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX! -2147 buttons and counting. -12 floors + Dome, control tower, and 3 floors lab! -Featuring VIP, group benefits! -Hangout includes hangout, shop (in game cash), and Limited Edition VIP Room. Fan group: Mega money booster: LEGIT Winners before the completion badges are added: -DCM7734 -Allwayslazy -Jacob02345678910 Premium Server (earn faster cash!):
Tropical Paradise Tycoon [VIP Fixed!]

Visited 2,293 times (32 last week)
Tropical Paradise Tycoon [VIP Fixed!]
Join my fan group for 500 extra cash every 5 seconds! Welcome to Tropical Paradise Tycoon! Here, you can relax in the beach and enjoy the sun and the cool waves...Hangout with your friends! This tycoon is unique in a sense that 6 players participate in cooperating in the tropical paradise! Own your own beach and resort! BC: VIP: Player 1: Architect: Beautiful ocean view house. Player 2: Beach Designer : Design the beach. Hangout there! Player 3: Lifeguard: Watchtowers and Lighthouse is all yours! Player 4: Aviator: Control the helicopters and the control tower! Player 5: Shipbuilder: Build cargo ships and transport! Player 6: Explorer: Own the forest and the camp site. Enjoy the nature!
Statue of Liberty Obby BC

Visited 2,129 times (16 last week)
Statue of Liberty Obby BC
--DUE TO EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND OF ADMIN, I MADE ADMIN!-- Admin link: What happened to the Statue of Liberty? There are some evil that are setting up and ruining one of the famous landmarks of the United States! Transverse through the Statue of Liberty and stop evil! Landmark: Statue of Liberty in New York Difficulty: Medium Stages: 15 Average time: 10-15 minutes
~~The 0 Wipeout Obby~~

Visited 503 times (22 last week)
~~The 0 Wipeout Obby~~
There are 21 stages in this obby, and I guarantee you that you would not get any wipeouts! You will just only get teleported to a previous location if you touch the lava or fall. >Do you want to play an obby but you don't want to get wipeouts in your profile? >Do you not like waiting for spawning when you get a wipeout? Well, this obby is the perfect obby for you! This obby is space-themed, and it is just a little challenging so you can show your jealous friends of the badge you will get! Good luck!
4 Seasons Gear Wars!

Visited 604 times (1 last week)
4 Seasons Gear Wars!
The 4 Seasons Gear Wars has most of the elements of the seasons...and you get to visit all 12 of the areas and battle one another in matches or in gear battle--OR you can just relax and walk. Winter section--"Presents Town," "A Cold Winter Night Out," and "Snowmen's Lair"--All in a snowing environment! Summer section--The Beach, Volcano, and "Harbor Dock" Autumn section--Maple Tree with Falling Leaves, Halloween, and "Thanksgiving with Trollamon" Spring section--Hiking, Waterfall, and a Giant Tree Upon VIP gamepass purchase, you will receive a starter pack of the 4 season swords: Sword of the Autumnal Winds, Sword of the Winter Winds, Spring Sword of Growth, and Sword of the Summer Sun! --Gamepass available at 1000 visits--
Space Center

Visited 502 times (6 last week)
Space Center
A place originally entered in the Space Truckers Building Contest! This is made active due to the number of people who really wanted to play this game.
Elite Space Obby [Car Stage Revamp!]

Visited 5,781 times (18 last week)
Elite Space Obby [Car Stage Revamp!]
--This is my second game, made a month after I don't complain about the obby is terrible...I never updated it and I want to keep it as is to see my improvements-- Welcome to Elite Space Obby! Over 8 stages of galaxys and fun, each obstacle represents the meaning of the created galaxy. An average obby player takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete this obby. Some stages are hard, like the rusty bloxtanium, so you may want to buy a pass! If you are an obby master, you can easily finish. Elite Space Obby VIP, with lots of access: VIP for multiple places, limited access to Elite Space Obby: Admin: BC Link: Tips: Have Fun! Do not give up easily. Many won the obby. For the Obby Masters Badge, only 71 got it because it is
Paradize Quiz Cracker

Visited 507 times (4 last week)
Paradize Quiz Cracker
The Paradize Quiz Cracker is a game by TheKJWINNERS. ~Updates~ V.3 Added the stages to see how many questions you have answerred. Badge ~Upcoming Updates~ V.4 1. VIP and Super VIP 2. From 20 stages to 600 stages 3. Description will show the categories of quizzes. 4. BC Only Coming Up 5. Teleports
Customization Center

Visited 353 times (3 last week)
Customization Center
Everyone is allowed to build in this game! Now...If you want to build your own architecture, building, or place, this is the best place to build! Everyone can co-op with the owner and build magnificent games! If you want to have your personal area that no one wants to enter, you can build here! You can simply insert the "Only Me" door and you can start building your secret place that even the owner cannot pass through! If you want to battle, here is also the place for you! No rockets or explosives, or you will ruin your hard work. This is the place for you to enjoy leisurely. You can simply come and build and quit and your creation will be automatically saved! The archive of the previously built game is available.
The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX [PREMIUM] Read Desc.

Visited 371 times (5 last week)
The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX [PREMIUM] Read Desc.
Welcome to the Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX! PREMIUM Benefits: -Instead of starting cash as 1, VIP is not needed; you get 250,000 starting cash. -0 Gravity as a starter gear (80 robux value) -Access to the golden robot room for free (Just click on Limited Edition VIP Room GUI.) -Obby reward increases by 3x. -Group building benefits included! It is a discount! AND SALE RIGHT NOW 75% OFF! Think of paying 80 robux on 0 gravity gamepass or the limtied edition gamepass for 150 robux that includes 0 gravity! This is only 50 robux! Original price: 200 robux. 50 robux sale ends in 2 weeks. Free version:
Price: 200
Buy Access Buy Access
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