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Hi! I am friendly. Send me a friend request if you like! I accept all friend requests and only friends can message me.

Twitter: @KJRBLX
Youtube: kjwinners
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Active Places

Paradize Universe (Starting soon)

Visited 51 times (0 last week)
Paradize Universe (Starting soon)
Starting when CSG Modeler comes out. Paradize Universe. RPG and Building Showcase. Tons of places and planets to explore. A game like no other. Enjoy! Tentative Project Dates: Galaxy 5: Paradize City (2014-2015) Galaxies 1-4 (2015-2016) Galaxies 6-8 (2016)
Price: 25
Buy Access Buy Access
The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX! [Player Points]

Visited 112,397 times (1,311 last week)
The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX! [Player Points]
Welcome to The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX! -2147 buttons and counting. -12 floors + Dome, control tower, and 3 floors lab! -Featuring VIP, group benefits! -Hangout includes hangout, shop (in game cash), and Limited Edition VIP Room. Fan group: Mega money booster: LEGIT Winners before the completion badges are added: -DCM7734 -Allwayslazy -Jacob02345678910 Premium Server (earn faster cash!):
Stargazing [Please Read Desc]

Visited 4,267 times (75 last week)
Stargazing [Please Read Desc]
Built in under four hours, don't expect top quality. Perfect place to hangout and relax under the midnight moon! A showcase. [IMPORTANT] Walk all the way to the telescope for optimal performance. When viewing in the telescope, please note that there are lots of things to make in the process, so the "Exit Stargazing" button, when pressed, may not run immediately. It may take about 7-15 seconds, or you can just reset character. Thank you for your understanding. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JUMP WHILE STARGAZING. IT MAY CAUSE LAG Not compatible with iOS at the moment, as stargazing requires keyboard controls. I am not really a good builder, but I tried my best. The building portion is just for aesthetics. BC:
Sorry, this place is currently under review. Try again later.
The Classic Beach House Tycoon

Visited 126,902 times (299 last week)
The Classic Beach House Tycoon
Join my fan group for extra cash benefits! Welcome to The Classic Beach House Tycoon! In the pier dock, you ride a yellow cruiser to your tycoon. Start the tycoon and own a beautiful classic beach mansion! VIP: Try out my masterpiece of The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX!
Laser NightClub [Dynamic Lighting]

Visited 12,807 times (51 last week)
Laser NightClub [Dynamic Lighting]
Hangout and a nightclub in a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! DJ Access Booth: BC: Join my fan group :) Don't OD. Follow ROBLOX rules is more fun than getting in trouble.
Elite Space Obby

Visited 5,905 times (8 last week)
Elite Space Obby
The second game I made. Welcome to Elite Space Obby! Over 8 stages of galaxys and fun, each obstacle represents the meaning of the created galaxy. An average obby player takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete this obby. Some stages are hard, like the rusty bloxtanium, so you may want to buy a pass! If you are an obby master, you can easily finish. Elite Space Obby VIP, with lots of access: VIP for multiple places, limited access to Elite Space Obby: Admin: BC Link: Tips: Have Fun! Do not give up easily. Many won the obby. For the Obby Masters Badge, only 71 got it because it is
Tropical Paradise Tycoon [VIP Fixed!]

Visited 2,656 times (34 last week)
Tropical Paradise Tycoon [VIP Fixed!]
Join my fan group for 500 extra cash every 5 seconds! Welcome to Tropical Paradise Tycoon! Here, you can relax in the beach and enjoy the sun and the cool waves...Hangout with your friends! This tycoon is unique in a sense that 6 players participate in cooperating in the tropical paradise! Own your own beach and resort! BC: VIP: Player 1: Architect: Beautiful ocean view house. Player 2: Beach Designer : Design the beach. Hangout there! Player 3: Lifeguard: Watchtowers and Lighthouse is all yours! Player 4: Aviator: Control the helicopters and the control tower! Player 5: Shipbuilder: Build cargo ships and transport! Player 6: Explorer: Own the forest and the camp site. Enjoy the nature!
~~The 0 Wipeout Obby~~

Visited 581 times (8 last week)
~~The 0 Wipeout Obby~~
There are 21 stages in this obby, and I guarantee you that you would not get any wipeouts! You will just only get teleported to a previous location if you touch the lava or fall. >Do you want to play an obby but you don't want to get wipeouts in your profile? >Do you not like waiting for spawning when you get a wipeout? Well, this obby is the perfect obby for you! This obby is space-themed, and it is just a little challenging so you can show your jealous friends of the badge you will get! Good luck!
Space Center

Visited 519 times (1 last week)
Space Center
A place originally entered in the Space Truckers Building Contest! This is made active due to the number of people who really wanted to play this game.
Statue of Liberty Obby BC

Visited 2,172 times (1 last week)
Statue of Liberty Obby BC
--DUE TO EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND OF ADMIN, I MADE ADMIN!-- Admin link: What happened to the Statue of Liberty? There are some evil that are setting up and ruining one of the famous landmarks of the United States! Transverse through the Statue of Liberty and stop evil! Landmark: Statue of Liberty in New York Difficulty: Medium Stages: 15 Average time: 10-15 minutes
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Forgotten Dragon Relic
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 125
Noob Attack: Venomshank Vengeance
#1282 / 2000
Tasteless Top Hat
#212 / 250
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 1,250
Bacon Ninja
#3145 / 5000
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 50
American Commando Jr.
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 250
'Merica Yeah!
Creator: ROBLOX
Tx: 10
Uncle Doge
#59 / 500
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 1,000
Mayor of Summer
#80 / 275
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 1,000
Coolbraham Lincoln
#419 / 2000
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 100
Patriot Locator Top Hat
#252 / 1000
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 500
ROBLOX Summer Visor
Creator: ROBLOX
Tx: 10
Canadian Builder
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 100
America's Sword Pack
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 225
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