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W҉E҉L҉C҉O҉M҉E҉ T҉O҉ M҉Y҉ P҉R҉O҉F҉I҉L҉E

A few things you should know about me:
My real name is Sebastian, I am 15 years old, I'm ✝Christian✝, and my favourite colour is Aqua. My favourite animal is a Panda, and I'm actualy a very nice person as long as you don't make me mad. If you are to complain about some spelling mistakes in my blurb then consider this first: I live in Canada so we spell some words a bit differently then Americans, deal with it. Feel free to send me a FR, I will accept most of them. Also, please check out some of my places, I think you might enjoy them.

Also, my only and official alt is Elyxer, the rest are fake.

✝ Praise God and Jesus our Saviour✝
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Christians of Roblox
I am a Christian!


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Active Places

Clone Tycoon (2K Visits Party!)

Visited 2,128 times (17 last week)
Clone Tycoon   (2K Visits Party!)
To celebrate 2K visits, every gear is aloud in the game, until 10/22/2014. Uncopy-locked at 5K visits. Enjoy. Buy the Ninja Blink potion from my game to have access to Vip. Have fun, and don't kill too many people or I will disable weapons. Tags: clone tycoon replica copy follow yourself build aloud cool epic weapons new improved machine gear cloning fun new
Desert Warfare! NEW!

Visited 54 times (0 last week)
Desert Warfare!  NEW!
The Desert Base is being Invaded! Will you be defending it or the ones attacking it, and in the end, who will claim victorious? You decide! May the most the best team win! Please Buy Gear From My Place If You Are Going To Buy It, Thank You.
Name That Thing!

Visited 176 times (0 last week)
Name That Thing!
Play With Friends and Challenge Them To See Who Can Name It Faster! Enjoy, and Have Fun! Say: "vip1" or "vip2" to regen the vip doors. __________________________ Vip Link:
Observatory Tycoon

Visited 289 times (0 last week)
Observatory Tycoon
Fan Club: __________________________ Vip Link: __________________________ Mega Vip Link: __________________________ Admin Room Access Link: __________________________ I will make free Access to Admin Room when i feel like it. If any1 is abusing Admin, plz pm me their name and i will ban them form this game. :D Enjoy :D
Roblox Snowball Fighting

Visited 16 times (0 last week)
Roblox Snowball Fighting
Snowball Fight Your Friends In This Amazing And Cool Snowball Fighting Showdown! :O _____________________________ Vip: _____________________________ Super Vip: Enjoy! :)
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