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True Colors
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Atheists of ROBLOX
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ROBLOXian 08ers, United
Rock and Roll Fan Club
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True Colors


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Joined: 1/4/2008
Zombie Mansion

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Zombie Mansion
This place was created: 9/9/2008
Farville Island

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Farville Island
Live on an island, build, and have fun! Each hour is roughly 1 minute, so after around 24 minutes a day has passed. To access the AdvTools click on the "AdvTools" tool and click somewhere to get another tool, keep clicking to get others (saves space). To get to the other islands just teleport and if you dont understand some of the concepts of the game here is a guide -- Patch v1.1 - Fixed administrator commands - Added kick script - Added speed coil, compass, and gravity coil as gear for this game
Peaceful Falls

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Peaceful Falls
A peaceful pond surrounded by mountains. If you have any ideas for this place then message me and I may put it in. The first scenic area of the peaceful series.

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Testing things on an empty baseplate, mostly scripts.
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