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Pinewood Builders
Pinewood Builders
♥Pain, without love
♥Pain, I can't get enough
♥Pain, I like it rough
♥'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all.
I havent quit ROBLOX on 9/20/12.
I'd like to thank all of my friends who were always there for me, and never let me down:
Treelawney has always been the hero in my little story. I miss you now and always.
Robloxcitizen9, you were always there when I needed someone to talk to. Thanks for all the help.
nedten, you are always there, and you still will be. See you in the afterlife.
Megaviper22, you are a great person. You are too good for this game.
And last but not least,Pixel1998. You are an awesome RPer and an even better pal.


"Life Is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's learning to dance in the rain."
Remember me like this.. always.. IN SPECAIL FONT :3

Max= 6*s
Being Fun:******
Jokes Around:****
ISega grow up
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Pinewood Builders
The Mobile Bloxxers
Yu-gi-oh 5DS Beta Testers (I like pancakes)


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In progress (Read desc) []CHRISMAS UPDATE IS HERE

Visited 35 times (3 last week)
In progress (Read desc) []CHRISMAS UPDATE IS HERE
Thx tomarty, Tomarty gave up what originally what was the game, the plains, some gui's etc. This game is'nt really hard to make/re-create. and I am going to put it up in action. Say /firstperson I dare you. Removed: John's lag meter (gui) Reason: Blocked the shop gui Added: John's lag meter model Located: Near spawn Removed: 2 player only limit Added: at least two player's to play gui Added: 3 player max. May soon be 4 players Soon: Get pet's New lava zombie: Desription Years ago scientist were trying to make people imune to major heat activity, so they tested it out on an adult, but this test went horribly wrong The test had changed him into a mutant who only knew one behavior, violence. Eventully escaping, it became known as Punishment, And it wondered off to the zombie tower to find only bloodshed by its own actions. Specail event; SOON! CHanged: Now general Knightmare can see you 14 blocks away Used to: ONly see you 10 block away. Fan made art may come SOON! N
The Armor Wars

Visited 61 times (1 last week)
The Armor Wars
Adding Armor You Could Win Admin!! Just Send Me A Message Banned: Neenjaa (Cannot enter) assasin375 (cannot enter) CptPetrenkoe ( He hacked ._.) Admins: Me (Chris) CptPetrenkoe Next update: Buy Armor.. and tanks, drones and army men.. (clones also..) Badges: none yet.. One last thing. I put random pics cuz I cant show you the stuff in the game.. due to network glitch so be happy on what you got

Visited 86 times (7 last week)
5% done Thanks to the original creator, I just added new stuff and updated Gui's more to come! Also you may go to the PVP arena the strongest earns a bounty, (A GLADOS head) (A free pet) (1000) (Gold) Or go to this one (IT replaces all the weapons into Kick punch backflip and bronze sword) (You gain them after, you may also store your money in a bank) Any hackers or admin abuser`s tell me, I may upload a new security system and a ban list,
Sonic Roleplay (Beta)

Visited 94 times (0 last week)
Sonic Roleplay (Beta)
14% Done Give Me Ideas To Add Donate To Me Vip:
...........SLENDY RUN......

Visited 13 times (13 last week)
...........SLENDY RUN......
Soon you can be slendy.. 53.4.5% Complete Creators Note; "I made slenderman a bit weaker, if your 80 stud's/ block's away he will stop teleporting.." Please leave speaker's on.. Soon: SPOILERS LOOK AWAY. You meet your friend, and the rest of th e army has their face's cut off, dead.. Later on your friend will die. with a idalog.. and a weird loss of animation..
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