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Pinewood Builders
Pinewood Builders
♥Pain, without love
♥Pain, I can't get enough
♥Pain, I like it rough
♥'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all.
I havent quit ROBLOX on 9/20/12.
I'd like to thank all of my friends who were always there for me, and never let me down:
Treelawney has always been the hero in my little story. I miss you now and always.
Robloxcitizen9, you were always there when I needed someone to talk to. Thanks for all the help.
nedten, you are always there, and you still will be. See you in the afterlife.
Megaviper22, you are a great person. You are too good for this game.
And last but not least,Pixel1998. You are an awesome RPer and an even better pal.


"Life Is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's learning to dance in the rain."
Remember me like this.. always.. IN SPECAIL FONT :3

Max= 6*s
Being Fun:******
Jokes Around:****
ISega grow up
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Pinewood Builders
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Known Free Models; Roblox Kick Script Kohl's Admin Ipad (Gonna make my own soon.) (Once I find my Beta version in my testing game's..) So Far.. The teleporter only takes you to this place again (TBC (Not the Memeber type of TBC)) Might change look's soon you might be able to spawn it.. Sadly.. I could'nt make it so that you could spawn a Teleporter to the Nether.. So that was a problem........ but I just got a solution.. a(n) old fashin teleporter :D it spawn's at random.. anywhere in the Terrain. Soon when you go ini t it iwll say "Downloading" *Nether not complete* Not much to say.. amnymore..:3 6.7% Done. Save is down.. I WONT RESTORE YOUR DATA!! And anything you find in the jungle Does Nothing exepct for the armor morph im working on :)
Sorry, this place is currently under review. Try again later.
Pokemon Adventures. 一個純粹的心臟是,一個純

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Pokemon Adventures. 一個純粹的心臟是,一個純
challenge/ to Challange a player Not done. WARNING I DO NOT OWN POKEMON! ALSO SOME CHARACTERS ARE A BIT SCARY IF YOU PLAY YOU ACCEPT MY TERMS AND CONDITIONS; PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. BECAUSE OF THIS IT IS 14+ [Age] decline/ Player to disagree to battle Not Done accept/ player to agree Skullcrsher11 Running away from a battle crashes during NPC battles (might be cause i never finished implmenting running) [Alpha v0.8 Bug] WEATHER SCRIPT ADDED IF IT IS ALL WHITE IT IS NOT HACKED!! **What need to be implemented: Other items like potions, and stat changers. Multiplayer Trading Pokemon Centers (Partly Implemented) Poke Marts Gym Leaders? (Sort of can already be done with Battle Events, just make them give you a badge when you win) Badges (might need this) Player Menu [Pokedex, PokemonList, Etc.] Menu is done, just not fully implemented into gam
Pokemon ~[Rays Of Raw]~ Fixed Some Moves, Fixing M

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Pokemon ~[Rays Of Raw]~ Fixed Some Moves, Fixing M
change/Person299/Money/999999 Makes the Money value in Person299's leaderstats 999999 CoOwner: Zekey7784 Owner: Miniredeyes999 elseif String:lower():sub(1, 8) == "/secure/" then if String:lower():sub(9, 10) == "on" then Secure = true function showChat() pcall(function() for i,v in pairs(Player.PlayerGui:GetChildren()) do if v.ClassName == "BillboardGui" then v:Destroy() end end end) pcall(function() Game.Workspace["Guis "..Player.Name]:Destroy() end) repeat wait() until not Game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("Guis "..Player.Name) local guis ="Model", Game.Workspace) guis.Name = "Guis "..Player.Name makeGui("script", "script - quickscript") makeGui("showplayers", "showplayers - shows players that you can click on") makeGui("disableages", "disableages") makeGui("enableages", "enableages") makeGui("workspace", "workspace - shows objects under workspace") makeGui("walkspeed", "walkspeed - ex. walkspeed cody 34") makeGui("look", "look - ex. look cody 261
W.I.P Candy land

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W.I.P Candy land
Instructions for gamepasses soon


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