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The Robloxian Crafters
The Robloxian Crafters
[Level 31 on Clockwork's Calculator
Hi, I'm bb8libra, call me bb or Dwayne Potato.
I use grammar. Isn't that amazing?
I am the creator of the ultra-obscure story series, The Gargle Adventures!
Check out my DeviantART (Bloxxer42) for The Gargle Adventures!
YouTube Channel: Bloxxer42

Famous People I Met/Famous Guests:
Guest 1
jaredvaldez4 (I hate him)
SpeedySeat (Awesome)
Shedletsky (Was Telamon when I met him)

Find the word "BACON" for a cookie.
F - H - A - L - P - N
V - N - Q - S - O - Z
L - D - F - C - O - K
F - I - A - X - P - U
L - B - F - J - O - K
Oh wait, I only have crackers.

today is hat
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Classic Chevy lovers.
LuaModelMaker's Admin
New Zealand Robloxians
Roblox Derby
rsm (robloxs strongest military)
Star Beam Legion
The go-drink-pepsi-Club/Roleplay group
The Robloxian Crafters
The Sonic Clan Ops
Think Build Create


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Active Places

Ride Boats, And Explore the Mountains!

Visited 29 times (0 last week)
Ride Boats, And Explore the Mountains!
Credit goes to the original creators of the items used in this game. I am just using them to put together with this amazing mountain area. This is supposed to be used as a test map and has no true objective. But you can make something up if you want..?
Crossroads The Gear War

Visited 168 times (0 last week)
Crossroads The Gear War
*IF YOU BUY GEAR FROM MY PLACE, NOTIFY ME IN A MESSAGE AND YOU'LL BE ADDED TO THE ADMIN LIST* indie level = 100 So, Roblox didn't like my thumbnail design. Where's my robux refund? I just wasted 3 weeks of saving up tickets to buy a new thumbnail and Roblox doesn't like it.
The Robloxian Crafters Official Free Build Place

Visited 9 times (0 last week)
The Robloxian Crafters Official Free Build Place
For TRC members only. If your work has a gold star next to it, that means I approve of it! Congragulations!
Countryside Gear War

Visited 3 times (0 last week)
Countryside Gear War
Place created by EBRisfornoobs. Enhanced by bb8libra. Presenting bb8libra's newest not-so-masterpiece, Countryside Gear War! It's like the crossroads one, but without 6 months or so of work.
Welcome To The Town Of Robloxia Gear War

Visited 7 times (0 last week)
Welcome To The Town Of Robloxia Gear War
Original creator = 1Dev2. He sells the VIP.


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