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I'm reaching out; you pull me out of the depths.
I see you now; I'm letting go of the rest,
& I won't fear the fall
because I know that you'll be there to catch me.
I'll look to you when there's trouble at sea,
because I can walk on water when I believe.
Now I know it's true -
you are the answer to everything!


It's a mystery, too good to be true.
I find my purpose when I look at you.
I bleed transparent.
It's not the way I choose,
but it's only when I'm vulnerable,
that my true colors shine through.

& for a moment, I'm a poet without words.
Speechless because you love me at my worst.
I don't deserve this.
I let it surface & all I know is,
today I woke up falling in love again.
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