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SuperSaiyanDJL Lv. 100
Name: SuperSaiyanDJL
Coolness Unbelievible
Ability With Sword:To Die For
Ability Woth Powers:Unbelievible
Rate Of Control With Car:94%
Funnieness:Makes You Roll On The Floor And Laugh
Group: Legdandary Super Saiyans
Best Friend: AwsomeZach10
Apprentice: Atlax
Loyalty: Unbelievably Loyal
Generosity: Pretty Generous
Kindness: Don't Upset Me
Honesty: Truth teller
Anybody Special In Your Life?
Answer: Eeyup.

A Poem By SuperSaiyanDJL.
No Matter The Cause.
No Matter The Loss.
I will make sure you are alive.
Even if i must strive.
I would even die.
But would you cry?
My love fights for you.
And my confidence drives it too.
Now that your alone.
Pick up...I'm on a payphone.

FacePalm...Your doing it wrong...
Worthless...It's not cheaper...
Back-Off...Don't do back surgery...
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The Arkadian Empire
The Legdnedary Super Saiyans


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[Welcome To My Profile!]

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[Welcome To My Profile!]
Hey there you checked out my profile!
SuperSaiyanDJL's Training Grounds

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SuperSaiyanDJL's Training Grounds
Training ground open to all people on ROBLOX.
Vegeta V.S. Wolverine

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Vegeta V.S. Wolverine
Finally an epic fight with to enemies who would kill thier own teamates[or themselves]this game is better than my Goku Vs Superman Vip Link:
Do Whatever you want!

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Do Whatever you want! whatever you want in this game you choose fight,ride play,dance or fly in thus game its sorta like your game ill be selling this game or 3000 robux and 30000 tix srry thats what it said when i clicked on "amount of game"
Goku V.S. Superman

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Goku V.S. Superman
goku and superman are in a huge fight now its your turn to fight chose to be Goku or Superman fight and kill or just go to the peace section and blow yourself up or just have fun!!


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