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Im the kind who builds a car for every friend I get. Apperently my friends are happy with this concept, not only my friends do though a lot of random people come to my place. But hey, Im not complaining. (contest) This isnt a contest of building skill its one for racing skill. Starting when I get 20 friends, there will be contest through out the corse of 2 weeks. The classes are Oldies,supercars,specals,eco-friendly,and off-road. Good luck and rember speed is the key. My motto is "its not who your fighting, or what your fighting with, its the spirit to win that makes the fighter"
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Cars for friends its back!

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Cars for friends its back!
This is a place were my friends get to show off their rides and race on the custom test track. Cars: SSC Ultimate Aero (Superstar590) Dodge Chalenger (Over123456) Toyota Supra (Jammer373) FUZED (Aygui12) Lamborghini Diablo (Typicalniceguy) Alvis Speed 20 (Hellboy1234567890000) Fiat 500 (Coolr3) Peugeot Flux (Killerlolfunny123) Porsche Carrera GT (William135790) Toyota GT-1 (Deathcody)


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