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--Frost Legion--
--Frost Legion--
I played roblox since 2008. Made an account swatman140 in 2010, Gave it to my brother then I'm right here. Sed44. You can call me a 2011er. But I always will be an 2008er.

Skills: 1-5
Swords - ★★★★
RCL - ★
Building - ★★
Scripting - ★★★★
Gui building - ★★★★★

Questions ---
Will I be your friend? No.
Will I join your group? No.
Will I be scammed? No.
Will I donate? No.
Can you message me stuff? Yes. I read all my messages.
Do I take your ideas into my games? Yes, Only the good ones.
Am I nice? Yes. But I am strict at some points.

-The one, and the only.
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[BiH] Bosnia i Herzegovina
--Frost Legion--
Galactic Protection Agency
The Sovereign Order


Friends: 1,282
Forum Posts: 26
Place Visits: 630
Knockouts: 56,847
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 50%

Active Places

--Frost Legion Training Facility-- [REBUILDING]

Visited 182 times (9 last week)
--Frost Legion Training Facility-- [REBUILDING]
Updates: 43% --- Reccomended Graphics : 3 or less -Added in a tournoment -Added in line formation -Added easier team switch -No death on team switch -Added uniform gui ~ This fixes so much problems... -Added anti-lag -Added night time -Improved guis -Improved Graphics & Textures -Added teleporters ~ Teleport to base or agility course! Some important rules -- -Wear uniform AT ALL TIMES -- Click on the new gui! If your not in uniform you will be demoted. ~ Group rules -Respect high ranks -Do not admin abuse, or kill on no reason ~ You will be demoted -No spamming, We have an anti-spam.
--Frost Legion Recruit Obstical Course--

Visited 15 times (1 last week)
--Frost Legion Recruit Obstical Course--
FLROC Is a course for recruits to prove that they are ready to join us. Frost Legion requires the stats of... 1,000+ KO's This recruit badge (coming soon) Uniforms (bought) Activity If you have all the requirements, PM FrostySnowy or a HR.
Sword fighting Maniac [[SedStudio]]

Visited 55 times (7 last week)
Sword fighting Maniac [[SedStudio]]
//-SedStudio-\\ Work in Progress. GRAPHICS 3+ RECOMMENDED. UPDATE LOG -- (The Radar/Class update) -More fog -Weapon class -Can zoom out more -Anti-lag added. -Radar is improved, can see whole map. --------------------------------------------------- Future update log -- (The ??? Update) -More weapons. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ANY IDEA'S? ADD IN COMMENTS! 7/10 I WILL ADD IN GAME! :) ----------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO USE SHOP. Elements = Mace, Sword, Shield, Hammer. Red = Useful, May be better then sword. Green = Good, Very powerful, Sure to be better then sword. Blue = Epic, DOMINATE your enemy's with these weapons. Purple = Over powered, Very powerful, Kill everyone.
[[SedStudio]] ~ House Tycoon [Updated!]

Visited 55 times (4 last week)
[[SedStudio]] ~ House Tycoon [Updated!]
Sed44's 1st tycoon! Congrats! This is not copied, Hand made by sedstudio and sed44. Credit to : IDBZXBlade, Frostysnowy, Icecash15, Mrsmalljediman, hch23. They gave me ideas. thank you. Updates are rare, Why? Because I have to restart the map to edit on the tycoons. UPDATE LOG-- -Fixed random floating blocks -Fixed ALL TYCOON GLITCHES!!! (This does not include the sword fighting and forcefield stuff.) -Fixed floating tycoons -Added a conveyor to speed up money -Fixed main conveyor
[[SedStudio]] ~ Sumatori HardCore

Visited 33 times (4 last week)
[[SedStudio]] ~ Sumatori HardCore
Updates: B-day! -Added fall damage -Fixed LAG! -Fixed powerup abilitys (The ghost powerup will be removed) -------------- Next update coming soon. Completion: 1% You can only have one powerup at once! There are multiple powerups! Use them to boost you! say "kick playername" to kick someone out -- 7 MAPS -- Dissapearing Plates map - Made by sed44 Regular Grass land - Made by sed44 Slippery Ice map - Made by sed44 : Requested by FrostySnowy Slip' n' slide' map - Made by sed44 Ping pong map - Made by sed44 : Requested by FrostySnowy Walk the plank! map - Made by sed44 Mr. Popo' popo map - Made by sed44 Expect these updates next.... Comment below for ideas! Thanks! -Removing ghost powerup -??? -???
Drive a car to your very death..

Visited 133 times (2 last week)
Drive a car to your very death..
A game by SedStudio productions. You have many choices here! Obbys? Car to death? Derby? and a spectating room.
Survive sed44's disasters

Visited 49 times (0 last week)
Survive sed44's disasters
Run run run. 22 Disasters! :D Some disasters are fun. Some are super hard. Some will just make you rage. The epic sauce will be your best friend.
Lighting up legacy RPG

Visited 86 times (86 last week)
Lighting up legacy RPG
Welcome to... Lighting Up Legacy RPG - Now in beta! Admin list: -- REPORT ABUSIVE ADMINS TO SED44. Owner admin: Sed44 Admins: Hch Moderators: Mrsmalljediman, FrostySnowy Say save/ to save your weapons. Your a survivor, Your town has been wrecked by villagers, theifs, giants and you want to become the strongest to end this. You make your ways past some very known bosses, Zed, Frost Cooler, Azrodz, And Darm. Good luck, adventurer.

Visited 22 times (11 last week)
My own version of murder. ~SedStudio -Update Log- -Added fall damage -Added more detail -Added another way up


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