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--Frost Legion--
--Frost Legion--
Scripting : ★★★★
Building : ★★★
Sword fighting : ★★★★
RCL : ★★★
Friendship : ★★★★
Groups : ★★★

I am from 2008 here on roblox, I started playing as a guest for over 2 years because I didn't know how to make an account XD after that in 2010 I made swatman140 (passed it onto my brother) and now in 2011 I made this account... That's my history thanks for reading!

Sending me trades is a waste of your time. -sed.
Join --Frost Legion-- The group above!
Nice to meet you guys! Peace out --sed
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[BiH] Bosnia i Herzegovina
--Frost Legion--
Galactic Protection Agency


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Active Places

--Frost Legion Training Facility--

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--Frost Legion Training Facility--
Do you have the skills to be in frost legion? find out here. If you are not in the group, You will NOT be able to join otherwise you will be kicked. You must have the requirements to be here. LINK ~~~ PostID=127524416 Do these rules to get a promotion! If you don't, You will recieve a demotion. LINK: Thank you for reading them! We do indeed have a fort, LINK: Upcoming updates: ~~ MEGA UPDATE Coming soon. ----------------------------------------------- Auto-uniform wear script Bug fixes, removes lag Remove weapons when dropped script Adding more teams incase of RCL, SFT, or FFA. Adding an extra room, used for holo. (load stuff, bonus activitys) 5 KO's for drink GUI Looking to raid us? Message FrostySnowy or a high rank.
--Frost Legion Recruit Obstical Course--

Visited 9 times (0 last week)
--Frost Legion Recruit Obstical Course--
FLROC Is a course for recruits to prove that they are ready to join us. Frost Legion requires the stats of... 1,000+ KO's This recruit badge (coming soon) Uniforms (bought) Activity If you have all the requirements, PM FrostySnowy or a HR.
[[SedStudio]] ~ Sumatori Harak

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[[SedStudio]] ~ Sumatori Harak
Sumatori Harak is very hard. Push players off? Yes, but there's way more. ~~ 3 MAPS -- Dissapearing Plates map Regular Grass land Slippery Ice map -- SHOPS -- ~~ Coming soon The more wipeouts you get, the more powerful. (Because, no killing in sumatori [besides lava..]) Items in shop ~~ Gravity Coil: 10 Wipeouts ( WEAKER VERSION ) Speed Coil: 25 Wipeouts ( STRONG ) Push Sword: 50 Wipeouts ( Stronger then push tool ) ~~ More items coming soon


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