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The Santori Empire
The Santori Empire
It has indeed been my greatest honour to lead such clan full of spirit and nobility. I wish you good luck for your bright future, Santorians.

Forever loyal to Santoria.

He who dedicate his goal shall succeed.
L O V E hurts me a lot.
Cimmerain order shall continue.

I am proud to say, he who a Santorian shall rise from the depth in the Summer, and rebuild again. I am on a quest to continue Santoria as I found time to make the Empire stable.
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Dark Elite Rogue Battalion
High Command of the Battalion
Retired Santorians
The  Senate and People of Rome
The Santori Empire


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[V 1.06] Fly a plane and rescue friends!™

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[V 1.06] Fly a plane and rescue friends!™
Helicopters - Comming soon [around April] READ THIS GUIDE. Spawn at airport? Join Dark Elite Rogue Battalion group: --------------------------------------- Search Dark Elite Rogue Battalion in the group tab and join. Wait for new sever, and use the team change to change to D.E.R.B. which will allow you to spawn at the Airifeld. (Work in new sever) ----------------------------------------- Plane controls: E - Engine start , W - Forward, S - Backwards , Mouse- Turn. --------------------------------------- CREDIT: Crazyman32 for the aircraft script!
Elina Hestrius

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Elina Hestrius
{-[TSE}-: Technological advancement_

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{-[TSE}-: Technological advancement_
Here is where ideas are forged to reality. (Further info classified) Do not expect to trespass the boundaries and ninja explore or steal the matter.


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