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Urban Assault Forces
Urban Assault Forces
Heyo, welcome to my profile! I'm saumibane, a UAF Captain.

If you have any doubts which need to be clarified regarding Urban Assault Forces, please do not hesitate to shoot a Personal Message at me.

I'm a fairly laid-back guy, but when the time needs me to be strict, I will do so.
I appreciate grammar while talking to me.

Focusing on UAF, so I still will be extremely active in UAF. Also I am Commander in BSD, and we're looking for good, active allies to help us out with the new generation, so please if you'd like to be an ally of BSD, please shoot a PM at me.

Other methods to contact me:
xFire (fastest way.) - Razorsam123
Twitter - @saumibane
Skype - saumi_bane (personal usage, but still if you'd like to add me there.)
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Urban Assault Forces


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Once a UAF, always a UAF!

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Once a UAF, always a UAF!
UAF Captain Saumi.
Vortex Security: Free-For-All Training.

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Vortex Security: Free-For-All Training.
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