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----------Mariozplaze's Blurb------Looking for game testers! Any volunteers? I just need 3 more!
----------Mah Testers----------
I will only accept friend requests from people if you provide a valid reason. (Ex. "Hey you watched my video on Youtube, wanna be friends?" "Hey I was in your Minecraft server, wanna be friends?") I might buy your t-shirt to support your group, if you need me to build you something, I'd do it as long as it doesn't involve heavy scripting. Thank you! :)
If any of my friends are interested in getting builders club, use this referrall code please: 23-611-107, and get 50 robux!
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Lazer Warz
The Classic Clash is back! Fight for control in this simply-made but fun action game! ---UPDATE 9/04/11--- I am aware of the problems with the leaderboard! But I am not fixing it 'cause I am working on something MUCH bigger and better!


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