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Hello Roblox im Simonrhestudmaster.I enjoy a list of interlectual pursuits such as: Tae Kwon Do, Chess, Reading,Gaming, and learning about history. I also like to make videos on Youtube. I also enjoy playing MMORP's. One of my favorite MMORPG's is DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online.) Im a level 2 Necromancer elf in DDO. im on the server Thelanis. I have unlocked the Korthos Wilderness. I am also a lvl 1 rouge. I like Doctor Who. I read all 7 Harry Potter books duiring the spring of 2010. i joined roblox in 2008

Books im reading or read:
The Hunger Games (Finished reading in 2010)
Harry Potter (Finished it in 2010 only took me a few years)
Red Badge of courage (Finished 2/6/11)
The Hobbit (finished reading book 2011. It only took me less then 1 month to finish it)
Lord Of the Rings Trilogy (reading)
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